Jorge Masvidal reveals his biggest flaw during the fight

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Jorge Masvidal reveals his biggest flaw during the fight

Jorge Masvidal is still motivated and ready for the biggest goals. Although he has been in bad shape lately, and did not have the results he expected, he still does not give up the title and fights. Masivdal talked to IMPAULSIVE about various topics, and one of them is what he wants to improve on.

It was clear that Masvidal has many shortcomings in the fights, but it seems that he is now focused on working on them. “The same thing with him that’s the Colby problem: wrestling,” Masvidal said on a recent episode of IMPAULSIVE, as quoted by mmajunkie.

“First fight, just put me up against the fence and I wasn’t able to f*ckin’ let go. The second fight, I’m thinking it’s a takedown after takedown after takedown. I was doing well stuffing the takedowns, and then boom, switched it up on me”.

'I want to improve my wrestling'

What is one of his main problems is wrestling. His next task is to work on wrestling, improve it and fight with the best. Of course, this is not the only problem with him, but he will have to work on it the most.

“I definitely feel the consistent problem that I have throughout my career is my wrestling is not 100 percent there yet,” Masvidal said. “It’s pretty damn good. It’s a lot better than when I f*ckin’ first started, and sh*t, I’ve got another two, three years in this sport.

Why not f*ckin’ give everything I got into this wrestling sh*t, see what comes out of it?” Masvidal could not help but mention Kamara Usman, who is currently the most dominant in his category. Usman is the toughest opponent many want to avoid.

“I know he’s beatable,” Masvidal said about Usman. “There’s not a man alive that’s not beatable. Taking the second round out of it, the first round after I got up, I started landing some big shots on him.

The second knee – the first knee I threw he took me down, the second knee I hit him with right here on the chest and my thigh hit him in the jaw, wobbled him a little bit. On the feet, he’s nothing special. He might have got me, but he’s nothing special on the feet.

He’s not like a legit striker on the feet yet”. We will see what is being prepared for Jorge Masvidal and what awaits him in the future. An interesting fight, for sure.