Gilbert Burns: I want a new match with Khamzat Chimaev!

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Gilbert Burns: I want a new match with Khamzat Chimaev!

Gilbert Burns entered the match against Khamzat Chimaev as an outsider and many thought that the fight would end in the first or second round. However, Burns showed quality and parried Chimaev to the very end. It was also seen that Chimaev expected the end much earlier.

Khamzat won but after the match he had something to say: "A f --- ing tough guy, I didn't know he was so tough," Chimaev said of Burns. "The guy comes up with Brazilian heart. Thank you for this fight, Gilbert.

I love you, brother, all respect. This is just what I do for work to make money. "He did three rounds strong. I f --- ing worked hard for everything. I never stopped my training if I'm not injured but that guy was f --- ing good today."

This shows enough how difficult Chimaev's match was, and a good lesson that no opponent should be underestimated in the future. Burns eventually lost by unanimous decision of the referees, and on all three referee cards the score was 29-28 (2-1 in the rounds for Chimaev).

Burns slipped to fourth place in the challenger standings, while Chimaev jumped to third.

Burns message

The Brazilian is still not giving up on winning the belt, and he doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone. Burns requested a rematch against Khamzat Chimaev via Instagram.

'' I don't think we're done. I truly believe we are not done (me and Chimaev). Clearly he is advancing in the standings and they (UFC) want that match him and Colby Covington. But I am not afraid of anyone in this category.

I have proven this many times. I ask Khamzat for only one thing, and that is politeness. I was second-ranked and agreed to fight an 11-ranked fighter. I want a rematch with Khamzat. If he beats Colby, he will fight Kamaru, and I want a rematch through his next three fights.

I don’t think we’re done until one guy comes to victory by a stoppage. This fight was supposed to be in five rounds, '' Burns told TSN. The Brazilian reportedly even pushed the idea to hold the fight for five rounds, but UFC leaders rejected the idea because they already had two title fights as part of the UFC 273 event.

Khamzat soon replied: "In 5 rounds I will take your soul to see you soon boy," Chimaeva said on Instagram. It is easily possible that the paths of the two great welters will face each other again in the future, but Chimaev now faces new challenges and continues on his way to the top. Burns has many options, but we'll see what he chooses