Aljamain Sterling after the victory: 'T.J. Dillashaw, where are you?

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Aljamain Sterling after the victory: 'T.J. Dillashaw, where are you?

The match between Sterling and Yan provoked a large number of reactions. There is still talk of how much Sterling deserved to win, but still, the referee's decision must be respected and he finally confirmed his status.

There has been much controversy as to whether Sterling deserves the belt, and whether he is on the throne in a fairway at all. In a conversation with Joe Rogan immediately after the match, Sterling had something to say: "Oh my God ...

I know I came here with great doubts. People wrote me off after the last performance. But I told you, it was a big setback. I had a tough opponent in Peter Yan. He is dangerous and always does his job. He got the best out of me. He beat me in the fourth and fifth rounds, but that's what this sport is about.

Keep writing me off and doubting me, but everyone on Long Island will get rich. '' Sterling then addressed in an interesting way: '' I knew the first round was tight, but I thought I managed to get it to the points.

His pressing without any hits is not worth much to me. All I want to say is: '50 Cent, include me in the next Power Universe. I’m a great actor and everyone here already knows that. I'm looking for a new acting role because this one is not enough for me.


T.J. Dillashaw

There are some options for the opponent, and T.J. Dillashaw is one of the options. That’s why Sterling challenged Dillashaw, and he seems ready to fight him. It would also be a great spectacle. We will see what Dana White's plans are and whether he is ready to pair these two fighters in the octagon.

They are both in great shape and would probably be the best option for the next match. '' T.J. Dillashaw, where are you? T.J. ‘Needleshaw’, T.J. 'Pillowshaw', what's up? You will be finished soon.

'', Sterling challenged his potential opponent Petr Yan looked rather disappointed, and with a downcast look at the ground he answered Joe Rogan's questions: '' I think I won this match. I won three of the five rounds.

Joe Rogane, I won. I won the first round, I won the second. Fourth and fifth as well, '' said Yan, who was expecting a victory and was surprised by the referee's decision. For Yan, we still don't know what awaits him, but he will have a long break and then return to his biggest goals.