Khamzat Chimaev reveals who he wants for the next opponent!

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Khamzat Chimaev reveals who he wants for the next opponent!

Dana White said that the match between Chimaev and Burns will cause the most attention, and these great fighters have just shown how good they are. We watched a lot of good moves, an interesting fight, which just makes the UFC so interesting.

The fight was phenomenal, and the victory was still celebrated by Khamzat Chimaev, with a unanimous decision (29-28 x3). Gilbert Burns (20-5-0, 13-5 UFC) was not the favorite in this match but surprised many with his toughness.

Burns is perhaps Chimaev's toughest opponent so far, and Khamzat is certainly surprised. This is 11 wins for Chimaev, and his run could take a while.

Of course, after the fight, the main topic was the next opponents. The phenomenal Khazmat Chimaev did not miss the opportunity to comment on future potential opponents.

Already, several potential names are mentioned that could be found in the ring with him. What most fans are up to is Colby Covington. We can’t imagine how good a fight between the two would be, given that Covington would use trash talk, create hype around the fight, and have a superb pre-match introduction.

Khamzat revealed a plan to "kill everyone who gets in his way." However, when it comes to the last challenger Colby Covington (17-3, 12-3 UFC), the expected reaction came from Chimaev.

Next opponent

Dana White seems to have a goal of managing Covington and Chimaev, and he has mentioned this before.

"I will fight everyone, of course, unless Covington calls the police. If Dana doesn't go to jail, I'll be happy if I can fight him, break his face, and of course finish him, "Chimaev told MMA Junkie. After all, he needs to rest and recharge his batteries and return to the ring.

The next fight could be an even bigger spectacle, and his return is still unknown. His next destination will be Sweden. ''I do not know. When I get back, I'll be back. Now we are going home to Sweden to recover and after that I will train hard so my team will say more.

Now I'm even more motivated because I didn't finish it (Burns), and I want to finish them all. " No one expected this to be his toughest fight, but Chimaev was also surprised. What is certainly eagerly awaited is the name of the next opponent.

The main favorite for the next fight is Covington, but it is still unknown whether that will be the case. Now Dana White and the team will decide