Luke Rockhold accused Paulo Costa of using steroids, the Brazilian replied

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Luke Rockhold accused Paulo Costa of using steroids, the Brazilian replied

The UFC’s middleweight category could get an interesting showdown. Namely, Luke Rockhold is getting louder in the call-outs of Paul Costa, and the Brazilian does not remain indifferent to the call-outs of the former champion.

Rockhold is currently not ranked within the category, and his last fight was in mid-2019. With a win over Costa, he would jump a few steps, as the Brazilian is currently fourth in the middleweight rankings, and shares that position with Sean Strickland and Derek Brunson.

According to Rockhold, the match between him and Costa has been hanging in the air for a long time and the offer is on the table. However, the American fighter claims that Costa is delaying the signing of the contract, for unknown reasons.

'' I'm annoyed. The guy says he’s ready to lose weight and wants to fight for the middleweight belt. I want a fight, my managers want it and I’m ready. He's just looking for excuses. Sign the contract!

Why is Costa scared and not sending me a contract? Everything is ready, '' Rockhold said, and then made several accusations against the Brazilian fighter. '' He finds all possible excuses. He has fallen on the scales twice, and he takes the weight loss demands placed on him by the promotion as an excuse for not signing the contract.

His steroids also no longer work. He is looking for a way out of all this. He always needed extra help in a variety of ways. It's obvious, '' Luke added at the MMA Hour.

Paulo Costa tweet

Paulo Costa has recently established himself as one of the fighters with a more interesting Twitter profile.

The Brazilian constantly provokes his colleagues from the promotion and often jokes at his own expense. He reacted quickly to Rockhold's accusations and said in a joking tone. '' After this shi.ts Luke Rockhold said, I will reveal a curiosity .

Vitor is my dad and it happened when him and my young and sexy mom gets in romance on Rio de Gerais, Brazil. Now everyone knows.
That’s what when he bring me to UFC the staff called me Baby Vitor." Costa wrote "Luke RockOLD is an old and retired fighter and is not even ranked.

Shut up your fragile chin. '' The impression is that they would have an interesting overture to this match, if the promotion manages to arrange it. Both fighters would not refrain from "trash talk", and if Rockhold is ready as it used to be, it would be a potentially great match.

In the continuation of the conversation with Helwani, Luke stated that he is in serious training again, he is maximally focused and he hopes to fight for the belt in the near future.