Francis Ngannou: Tyson Fury will not agree to the cage because he would be killed

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Francis Ngannou: Tyson Fury will not agree to the cage because he would be killed

Although he is currently recovering from knee surgery, he still has a growing desire to try pro boxing. UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is currently at a crossroads in his martial arts career. He is trying to reach a compromise with the UFC organization so that he can perform at boxing events and afford potentially the highest earnings in his career by fighting heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Dana White doesn’t agree to that for now, but we’ll see what time will tell; will Ngannou stop working with the UFC altogether or will he still be able to reach some kind of agreement that would benefit both parties.

Tyson Fury recently said he intends to retire from boxing after his next match. He obviously intends to follow in the footsteps of Floyd Mayweather and do some exhibition fighting, potentially against Francis Ngannou. Recently, Francis stated what the outcome of this fight he predicts: "The fight can also take place on the phone booth, but it will certainly take place.

Obviously, he will not agree to the cage because he would be killed. In general in the heavyweight division in a cage or in the ring. " If we realistically look at the situation, Francis' chances against Fury in the boxing ring are minimal.

The only chance he has is purely punching because the fact is that both are 120-kilogram people who need one punch to end the fight.


But if that doesn't happen, the most realistic outcome would be for Tyson Fury to play in the ring with the UFC champion, and eventually knock him out.

The same goes for the MMA cage; if the fight goes by MMA rules, we doubt Fury would have endured hearing the gong of the end of the first round. The “Gypsy King” will defend the super heavyweight title on April 23 (4th month) against his compatriot Dilian Whyte.

This definitely suits Francis for the reason that he is currently unable to train anyway, let alone fight. Recovery from the operation is predicted to take up to half a year, which means that we can expect the return of Nganou only at the end of the year.

"I feel relief from the pressure and stress, I'm currently planning to take a break to recover and I'll know what the future holds for me before the end of the year," the UFC champion concluded. The fight between the two of them would be a real spectacle and we can expect only the best from both of them because they are top fighters.

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