Colby Covington's parents: We didn't raise him that way

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Colby Covington's parents: We didn't raise him that way

Until the second half of 2017, Colby Covington was not a particularly well-known name in the world of MMA. The UFC welterweight had five wins in six UFC appearances but failed to come under the magnifying glass of the public.

Until the victory over Demian Mai. Covington beat Maia with his dominant performance and then became famous for his speech at the microphone. He called the Brazilians "dirty animals" in the middle of Sao Paulo, and told the translator that there was no need to translate anything.

MMA fans then met the new Colby, the one who took on the role of the so-called "heel". Covington later revealed that he was threatened with dismissal from the UFC because he was not attractive and interesting enough, so for that reason he created the persona of a villain.

That completely changed the image around him, and although Covington is one of the most hated fighters in the promotion, it must be admitted that he is now one of the most famous. We often have the opportunity to hear various fighters who know Covington, how he is a person who is completely different in private life and that his personality as a villain was created only for the cameras and the public.

Still, the impression is that Colby's fictional personality is taking over more and more, and many often wonder what people close to him say about all this.


"Chaos" revealed in the Full Send Podcast the reaction of his parents after the famous interview he did after the match against Maia.

'' Man, I got a bunch of calls from them (parents) yelling at me and they couldn't believe I called Brazilians 'dirty animals' 'We didn't raise you that way.
I should wash your mouth with soap, 'my mother told me, and I told her that they really behaved like dirty animals and that I didn't know what else I should have done,' 'Covington explained.

So, his parents are obviously not fans of his "trash talk" which is often tasteless and crosses the boundaries of good taste. After all, that is why he was recently attacked by Jorge Masvidal on the streets of Miami. But Colby Covington is aware of what brings him ‘profit’ and status within the organization and seems ready to do anything to be at the very top and to be remembered as one of the greatest.

As long as things like this get the public's attention and his popularity grows, Covington will continue to do so.