President of the 'ONE' on Ngannou: I think our heavyweights would finish him

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President of the 'ONE' on Ngannou: I think our heavyweights would finish him

It is already clear to everyone that the situation around Francis Ngannou and his stay in the UFC is tense and subject to various extreme scenarios. One is the abandonment of the UFC by their heavyweight champion, a fighter with whom they have been unable to find common ground for months on new contract items.

Ngannou demands a clause that will allow him boxing matches outside the UFC, and promotion by of course not allowing for a simple reason. If they allow him, everyone will start demanding the same and thus lose the exclusive right to their fighters.

It would be a disastrous decision on the business side to allow him to do that. Francis, on the other hand, doesn't care. He made the decision that he would not sign a new contract without it, and for now, it seems that he is holding on to it.

From the beginning of next year, in that case, he could be a free fighter, so other promotions would have the opportunity to bring him into their ranks.

Sityodtong on Ngannou

This is very clear to the media and thus to those who follow the Singapore ONE Championship.

So the president of that promotion, Chatri Sityodtong, at a press conference he organized, got a question just about Ngannou. He surprised many with his answer. "I like Francis Ngannou, but I think our heavyweights would finish him.

He's just not a complete fighter. Any martial arts expert will tell you that. Look at our interim champion Anatoly Malikhin. A wrestler with a Russian champion pedigree, dynamite in his hands, and besides that, he is faster than Francis.

Pretty faster and better fights on the ground, black belt level. Look at our champion Arjan Bhullar, his wrestling and boxing. Francis is not very impressive on the floor and his punches are not technically well done. like Anatoly or even Bhullar, ”Sityodtong said, adding: "We have a few fighters we've brought to the heavyweight division that we haven't released yet, they're all killers.

This is the year we've brought our heavyweight roster side by side with the UFC." First of all, it must be admitted that Malikhin is a great fighter, someone who looks like a heavyweight who would very much have something to say at the top of the UFC.

Speaking of Bhullar, he was already in the UFC and didn’t make a name for himself there. But he didn't become too famous in ONE either. His fight for the title, which he did ten months ago against 43-year-old Brandon Vera, is several levels below any fight of two ranked UFC heavyweights.