Nate Diaz doesn't want to wait any longer: I would like you to fire me from the UFC

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Nate Diaz doesn't want to wait any longer: I would like you to fire me from the UFC
Nate Diaz doesn't want to wait any longer: I would like you to fire me from the UFC (Provided by Sport World News)

Strongly Nate Diaz has been trying to get to the fight in recent months. We haven’t watched him in a cage since the sixth month of last year and the defeat by Leon Edwards. The 36-year-old Nate has been calling out for a long time with Dustin Poirier, he was interested in some other matches as well, but the promotion just keeps him on the sidelines.

It is believed that they are doing this to him, because the last fight is waiting for him according to the current contract. Diaz is currently in such a mood that he does not want to sign a new contract, and it is not known if he wants to continue his career at all after the last contract fight.

The UFC can’t afford to lose another one to the stars right now. Jorge Masvidal's fame melted away with the third defeat in a row, and an additional blow to his reputation, "Gamebred" dealt by attacking Colby Covington on the streets of Miami.

Conor McGregor is still out of action, Jon Jones can't agree with himself on his debut in the heavyweight division, and Amanda Nunes' failed project anyway, Julianna Pena shut down. Kayla Harrison has remained in the PFL, and Francis Ngannou may never play under the auspices of the UFC again.

Nate Diaz is therefore extremely important for promotion because he is one of the most popular fighters.

Diaz Twitter post

Diaz is quite frustrated by the situation where he has been waiting so long to arrange a match, just when he is interested in doing a fight.

He therefore appealed to the leadership of the promotion via Twitter. '' I'd like you to fire me from the UFC. I apologize for the online request, but you're not giving me a fight right now, and I have other shit to do, '' Nate wrote, tagging Dan White and Hunter Campbell.

The UFC’s reaction is still awaited, but there are growing rumors that the UFC is actually awaiting Conor McGregor’s return. This would give them the opportunity to arrange a trilogy that everyone wants to watch.

If Diaz leaves the UFC without that match, or if he ends his contract by fighting another fighter, chances are high that the trilogy will never end. The UFC doesn’t want to miss such a big match and the earnings that come with that fight. We will see what awaits us in the near future and what plans Dana White has

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