Nate Diaz told Masvidal and McGregor: ‘You act like animals'

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Nate Diaz told Masvidal and McGregor: ‘You act like animals'

That same week, two of the UFC’s biggest stars ended up in custody. While Conor McGregor was detained in Dublin for dangerous driving and speeding. Jorge Masvidal commits a very serious foul. "Gamebred" physically attacked Colby Covington in front of a restaurant in Miami, punched him twice in the face,Colby lost the tooth, and Masvidal damaged his Rolex watch worth $ 90,000.

Masvidal is certainly facing much more severe consequences than McGregor, but UFC leaders are certainly not happy with the information that their biggest stars are having problems with the law. Both cases, especially Masvidal's, attracted a lot of attention from the MMA public.

Among those who spoke up, Nate Diaz could not be left out. The UFC fighter has entered a cage with both of them and cultivates a certain rivalry with Masvidal and McGregor. Diaz has been extremely active on Twitter lately, and this time he said: '' All of you UFC fighters need to stop being arrested for stupid shit.

You act like animals and irresponsible little children. Get organized. Drive safely and follow the regulations. '', Is one of Nate's announcements. Earlier last night, Diaz touched on McGregor himself in several "tweets"

"I will fight Conor at the same time." "But he is not capable of fighting now or this year."

Nate Diaz

Some of his "tweets" are aimed at McGregor, and Diaz revealed on his Twitter profile that he has been trying to arrange a match for seven months, but without success.

Nate Diaz's last appearance was in the sixth month of last year and he lost to Leon Edwards. There is a lot of speculation about the fight between Diaz and Poirier, but nothing concrete has been done. The thing is, Diaz has one fight to do under the current contract.

He has repeatedly stressed that he has no plans to extend the contract, and the promotion clearly hopes he will change his mind. By procrastinating in contracting his fight, they manage to keep him in promotion longer. Although Diaz does not belong to the very top, he is one of the most popular MMA fighters in the world.

Six days ago, Diaz shared on his Twitter profile the news of Yancy Medeiros' performance at the Bellator 279 event to be held in Hawaii, writing: '' I'm trying to get on the program of this Bellator show in April (fourth month), along with my Yancy Medeiros in Hawaii. What's up with Bellatore? ''