Police have released more details about the conflict between Masvidal and Colby

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Police have released more details about the conflict between Masvidal and Colby

Earlier in the day, you had a chance to read about the conflict between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington. UFC welters fought at a restaurant in Miami. A lot of different stories immediately surfaced about the conflict, and Malki Kawa, the manager of Jorge Masvidal, wrote on Twitter that Colby was left toothless in that conflict.

Many doubted these allegations, because it is a person close to Masvidal. However, reliable information from the police has now surfaced. Masvidal is listed in the police report as a suspect, while Colby is classified as a victim.

According to ESPN's Mike Coppinger, an indictment was filed against Masvidal by Miami police. Upon arrival at the scene, police spoke to Colby, who told them he had been attacked by Jorge Masvidal. Covington stated that Masvidal approached him from the left side and suddenly gave him two punches to the face.

One blow landed on Colby's mouth and the other on his left eye. Covington heard Masvidal say during the attack: "You shouldn't have mentioned my children." Covington added that he was approached by three or four other unknown men, with aggressive tendencies.

"Chaos" ran to the restaurant from where he contacted the police. According to Covington, Masvidal wore a medical mask and hood, but he recognized him by his voice. Police have come into possession of security camera footage and are now awaiting further proceedings.


All in all, Masvidal kept his promise. After the defeat by Colby, he stated that he would continue to fight with him on the street. "Gamebred" can't just get over all the personal insults Colby has insulted, but now he's likely to answer in court.

We will see what happens next in court, but it is obvious that there is a lot of tension between the two fighters, and that Masvidal could not bear it anymore. Sure, it would be exciting if Dana White made the decision for an extra fight between the two of them, but the question is how realistic that is at the moment.

They're both top fighters, top entertainers, but they may also form the biggest rivalry the UFC has ever seen. Colby was particularly heavy on the words, and during the entire preparation for the match, he called out Jorge Masvidal.

Many believed that this would motivate Masvidal and destroy Covington. However, Masvidal lost that match Another match would mean the final showdown, and then we could make a definite conclusion.