Paddy Pimblett after the win: Mark Zuckerberg, you're an abuser

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Paddy Pimblett after the win: Mark Zuckerberg, you're an abuser

Last year’s Paddy Pimblett UFC debut was a kind of way of presenting this fighter to fans unfamiliar with what’s happening on the European scene. And there he was a huge star. In the Cage Warriors promotion, his stellar potential can only be compared to that of Conor McGregor, before the Irishman left that British promotion and went to the UFC.

As the aforementioned first appearance had in the UFC’s APEX, we couldn’t find out much other than to see that quality, it’s still a question of how much it actually exists. To see who Paddy really was, we needed a show in the UK.

It happened, and the whole effect of it was great. From the very entrance to the hall and through the whole fight and finally, until he came out to the locker room, the atmosphere was electrified. The victory with the stoppage in the first round against Kazula Vargas was, of course, the main thing, and after that, of course, an interview followed.

"The win wasn't clear, but aren't you amused? I've never been in a boring fight. I had to take a hit this time to wake up. I'd rate my performance as five or six out of ten," is the first impression.

Then he looked back at the atmosphere in the hall. "Look at this hall, O2. It's too small. Give me the stadium. Take us to Anfield and we'll fill it up," the wish is clear. Zuckerberg The last question was about when and against whom he would like to fight.

In the foreground, of course, is Ilia Topuria, a fighter who celebrated a little earlier on the program, and who immediately called him out. The two had a clash in the hotel lobby during the week. Then Paddy hit the Georgian with a hand sanitizer, from which came the nickname he gave him.

"Hand Sanitizer boy called me, but lions don't care about sheep's opinion. I'm going to get some rest and probably gain weight. I got hurt a couple of weeks ago, but I came and finished the guy. Who do I want to fight? Mark Zuckerberg, I want to hit this guy in "I'm tired of you.

I'm shutting down my Instagram profile, and all I'm doing is showing foundations and people with mental health problems. You're the biggest abuser in the world," he said. No less was the atmosphere ignited by his friend and teammate Molly McCann, who did not even return to the locker room after her fight, but stayed with Paddy in the corner and then with him in the Octagon.

They eventually afforded a fan show when they left the Octagon. Like it or not, Paddy really has stellar potential, and he didn’t lie when he said he doesn’t have a boring fight. Everyone who followed him in the Cage Warriors promotion is aware of that.