Francis Ngannou calls from the hospital, he successfully underwent surgery

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Francis Ngannou calls from the hospital, he successfully underwent surgery

Immediately at a press conference after his fight against Cyril Gane at the UFC 270 event on January 22, Francis Ngannou revealed that he had already suffered a knee injury in preparation and that he would be forced to undergo surgery and then a recovery that could take until the end of the year.

However, no news has emerged since then, until Francis revealed in his latest Instagram post that the surgery was successfully performed. "Knee surgery went very well today ( ACL reconstruction and MCL repare). PS: no meniscus damage Thank you to Dr Alattrache and staff for taking great care of me.
Rehab time to get everything back to normal and get back on track.

Sincerely, THE KING" the 35-year-old wrote, thanking the doctors who performed the procedure.
It is not known why Ngannou waited so long with the srugery, that is, for almost two months, especially after he himself stated that his recovery would take six to nine months.

But if you look deeper into what is being said, it might make sense. Francis ’win over Gane extended his current UFC contract for another year or two of fighting. However, he has already stated that he does not intend to fight under the same conditions, and in the negotiations on the new one, there is one request that the UFC does not intend to accept.

It’s about being allowed to perform outside the UFC, primarily in boxing matches. Of course, promotion can allow him to do that, but that would be an extremely risky move because then other fighters could ask for the same, who will demand equal conditions for all.


The UFC would thus lose its exclusivity to its stars, and that would be a disastrous move on the business side. So it is very possible that Francis timed everything so that the recovery lasts until the expiration of the contract.

As the reason for his absence is health, the UFC would have no legal reason to revoke his title, and negotiations for a new contract would come at a time when he is still the champion and thus has a better starting position than if his belt had been revoked.

. Especially since for now, it is not possible to estimate what the picture of the difficult category would be if the Cameroonian left the promotion. In any case, it is now certain that he will not be there for some time and there are no more obstacles when it comes to starting the fight for the temporary title.

And here we could at least judging by the opinion of people very close to the events, watch Jon Jones against Stipe Miočić.