Dana White confirms that a title fight is being prepared for Jon Jones

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Dana White confirms that a title fight is being prepared for Jon Jones

It's been two months since Francis Ngannou defended his UFC heavyweight title, after which he announced that he was injured and that he will have a long break. Many immediately linked this to his problems with signing a new UFC contract and even on many sides it is believed that the injury is just a bluff.

The champion hasn’t responded since, but neither will the UFC, as if cats and mice are playing, waiting to see who will react first. In such an environment, all other fighters of the UFC’s Royal Division suffer the most, especially those seen on the throne.

Also, all this further slows down the situation around Jon Jones, who left the light heavyweight title two years ago and announced his departure to the heavyweight division. Two years have passed, that still hasn’t happened, and all we’ve seen from Jones regarding the heavyweight division is his constitution.

But he was also very big as a light heavyweight, so that doesn't have to mean anything. Patience is still a bit lost, so here and there some media raise this topic. One of them is Brett Okamoto, who across the street had a man who can give the best answer to all questions, UFC President Dana White.

Dana White on Jones

Okamoto packed his question nicely, mentioning last year's Jones statement that July looks great for him to return to the Octagon and whether they talked to Jones. "We haven't talked to Jones nor can we talk about it until we see what the situation is with Francis and what he will do," was White's response, in which he immediately confirmed that Jones was seen in the heavyweight division and that the situation with the champion actually be the key.

White immediately said what would happen if they finally confirmed that Ngannou was out of the machine, though it’s not clear what they had been waiting for so long. “If that’s the case and he’s out for just a year, Jon could be fighting for the title right away,” White confirmed.

The UFC president has not revealed whether this means that there will be a temporary title in the game, which Okamoto mentioned, or even rights, which could be taken away from Ngannou if tense relations continue and if the champion decides to remain inactive until the end of the year.

that is, while his current contract lasts, which was extended by defending the title. Stipe Miocic? It does not surprise us that it is not mentioned. First of all, he should update his name again, so only then can he hope that someone other than the occasional media outlet will mention him.