Alexander Volkanovski dreams of a match against Conor McGregor

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Alexander Volkanovski dreams of a match against Conor McGregor

UFC lightweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (23-1-0, 10-0 UFC) is definitely the best fighter on the entire roster. Two victories over Max Holloway, celebrations against Jose Aldo, Chad Mendes and Brian Ortega, make him perhaps the greatest fighter in the history of the lightweight category.

He has defended the belt twice so far, and on April 9 (the fourth month) he will fight Korean Chan Sung Jung. Max Holloway was supposed to be the challenger again, but he canceled the performance due to injury. If Volkanovskyi manages to defeat the "Korean Zombie" and later this year Holloway, he will cement his status as the greatest fighter in this category in history.

The UFC has had four different featherweight champions so far. Aldo and Holloway have already been beaten by an Australian of Macedonian descent, while Conor McGregor is the only former champion he hasn’t beaten, but they haven’t even fought.

The Irish star has moved into the lightweight category, and occasionally performs in the welterweight division. Considering that Volkanovski is physically quite small even for the lightweight category, it is difficult to expect that he would dare to perform in higher categories.

Still, Alex claims fighting McGregor is his dream. '' Obviously, Conor's name always revolves around stories like this. Don't forget, he fought in the featherweight, he was the champion of my category. "I took off all the featherweight champions, only one remained, right? Me, Aldo, Max and Conor.

So, that fight really makes sense. Of course it would be a dream, and thus I would beat all the champions in my category and that would be amazing. It is logical that you all talk about the earnings that this match brings, the circus around all that was great.

But at the same time, let's talk about the legacy. He is undefeated in the lightweight category, as am I."
"That means something. However, I don't think he will return to that category soon. If we fight, we can do it in any category.

I would fight in the welterweight if I had to. But right now I'm focused on 'Zombie because he's ahead of me, "Alexander said of" The Great "in an interview with James Lynch of MMA News.

Volkanovski weigh

Alexander Volkanovski was once a rugby player and weighed over 90 kilograms.

So, gaining weight for the welterweight category would not be an unfamiliar area for him. However, his focus is currently on the lightweight category and his long-term plans are tied to the category he rules. '' I plan to stay in the lightweight division, and even if I go to a higher category, I want to fight in both.

I don’t want to go overboard and stay exclusively there. I want to be a champion of both categories, that is my vision. I lose weight quite easily and therefore there is no reason to leave it because of the higher category, '' the champion explained.