Henry Cejudo supports Moreno’s change of hall

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Henry Cejudo supports Moreno’s change of hall

After the defeat by Deiveson Figueiredo earlier this year, Brandon Moreno decided to make certain changes in his environment. The Mexican fighter will leave the Entram Gym in Mexico and join the Glory MMA & Fitness Hall run by James Krause.

His new home will be in Kansas City. Brandon has encountered some criticism from those who consider it unfair to look for the culprit in the courtroom and to show a lack of loyalty with such a move. Among many MMA faces, Moreno's side was what we would not expect.

It’s about Henry Cejudo, a former UFC fly and bantamweight champion. "Triple C" was once a friend and roommate of Brandon Moreno, but they broke up in 2016 during the TUF season. Moreno ended up in Joseph Benavidez's team, Cejudo considered it a betrayal, but Moreno explained how Benavidez treated him with much more respect.

All that created a certain animosity between them, and Cejudo coached Figueiredo for the third match against Moreno. The Brazilian announced that he would cut off Moreno's head, because he betrayed Cejudo. Yet despite all of the above, Cejudo has now stepped in to defend Moreno, and in an interview with MMA Junkie, he explained his view of the situation.

'' He has to do what's best for him. You have to be loyal to your dreams. That’s why I’ve had a lot of success and that’s why Brandon is leaving his gym in Mexico. Being loyal and being a true Mexican means having balls and doing business no matter where you are.

You have to be true to your dreams. Congratulations Brandon, I'm happy he left his hall. I have no evil intentions towards him. We were friends, he went to train with someone else because I didn't choose him at TUF and that's when the friendship ended, '' Cejudo said, and then looked back at Moreno, but also at Deiveson Figueiredo.

'' Despite everything that has happened, I (Morenao) still appreciate him and have a lot of love for him. But Deiveson is with me now and I have to be loyal to him."


"I treat him like a brother.

I know we don’t work together for long, but when you meet someone, and he understands your philosophy and everything else, then a beautiful friendship is born. I respect Deiveson and if we do the fourth fight against Brandon, we will do it even better, because he now believes everything we tell him.

It's a gift I have. I want to be modest, but it’s true. That is why many fighters come to me for help. I give them a gift that God has given me, '' Henry added. It is currently unknown whether the UFC will immediately arrange the fourth match between Moreno and Figueiredo or the Mexican will still have to beat one of the challengers.

If the promotion pairs them again, it would be the fourth consecutive duel of two great fighter fighters of the category.