Kamaru Usman told Edwards: I'll beat his face until he gives up


Kamaru Usman told Edwards: I'll beat his face until he gives up
Kamaru Usman told Edwards: I'll beat his face until he gives up

Although the date of Kamaru Usman's fight against Leon Edwards, which will be Usman's sixth defense of the UFC welterweight title, has not yet been officially announced, the first weekend in July is the most talked about.

We could hear such information from Usman himself, who is already slowly preparing for what the Englishman could afford. On the other hand, Edwards, who won the title with a series of nine consecutive victories, is talking more and more loudly about the fight.

He started the series after the defeat inflicted on him by Usman, then overcame him with the tactics with which he reached the top of the UFC. Of course, it means takedown and domination, without too much holding back the fight on your feet.

In recent appearances, Usman has presented great progress in boxing, so much so that he has convinced himself that he can match Canelo Alvarez. Despite that, Edwards said in some recent statements that he does not believe that Usman will decide against him, that is, that he will not allow him to look as good as against Gilbert Burns, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington.

We have now received Usman's response through an interview given to the MMA Junkie portal, which appeared on their YouTube channel. "He talks about the situation that will happen if I fight him on my feet. He says my hitting skills will not be like they are now.

I will answer him. I admit, I will not fight him on my feet, I have no intention of doing that I'm coming to wrestle. I'll knock him down and then I'll beat his face until he gives up So don't expect a hitter from me I'm not a good hitter so I won't do that, no doubt I'm coming to wrestle.

Usman and his tactics

The plan is to knock him down and beat his face to unrecognizable, "Usman said, his sarcasm easily recognizable. Usman certainly has the luxury of being able to start exchanges on his feet, and then, if things don't go according to plan, turn to what we know works probably the best in the entire UFC.

It is definitely up to Edwards to prepare for this as best he can and to try to keep the fight on its feet for as long as possible. It is clear to everyone that there is actually his greatest, many will say the only chance.

By the way, this fight comes to us as a fight of two fighters with by far the largest sum of winning streaks in UFC history. It is 24. 15 UFC wins Usman and nine of his opponents. Who knows, maybe those strings would have been even bigger if they hadn't fought each other once before.

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