Kamaru Usman is not giving up on the match against Canelo Alvarez


Kamaru Usman is not giving up on the match against Canelo Alvarez
Kamaru Usman is not giving up on the match against Canelo Alvarez

It seems that Kamara Usman is determined to try boxing and uses every space in the media to talk about Canelo Alvarez.ž The Mexican boxer is the best boxer in the world at the moment, while Usman is the top fighter on the UFC's "Pound-for-pound" rankings.

This makes him nominally the best MMA fighter in the world. The Nigerian promotes a potential match between himself and Canelo as a fight between the best boxer and the best MMA fighter. However, the impression is that Usman has absolutely no chance against Canelo in a boxing match.

It is true that Usman's hand techniques have improved in recent years, and wrestling is still his forte. Usman manager Ali Abdelaziz said a few days ago that Usman would knock out Canelo within three rounds, calling the Mexican and all the other boxers cowards because they do not want to try their hand at MMA.

Usman believes he will get a chance to prove himself in a boxing match against Canelo, and he has also tried to explain his manager’s allegations. '' Absolutely, why wouldn't this match be possible? Even he himself said it was possible.

It would be a fight between the two first-place winners on the 'P4P' scale." "What Ali said is that we are always expected to move into their sport. We are real fighters. What would happen if he (Canelo) and I got into a fight on the street?" "We are true fighters, and they expect us to come to their sport.

That's why Ali said what he said. But at the end of the day, I'm ready, I have the balls to jump into a boxing match against Canelo, '' Kamaru told MMA Junkie and added. "One hundred percent I think this fight must happen. Everyone says that something is impossible until it is realized.

I've already said this, I'll stop him. "

Dana White and Kamaru Usman

The UFC and Dana White are known for not being particularly open to their fighters ’trips to other sports. Conor McGregor was allowed a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, but the Irishman is a whole other story.

How much the UFC can profit from Usman's trip to boxing, the question arises. The Nigerian did not even talk to the UFC president about this topic. '' Dana and I haven't talked about it yet. But if this is the match I want, and Canelo said he has nothing against that fight, then that fight will happen." "This is not something too difficult.

Dana White is the best promoter in this game, and rightly so. I think we can arrange this fight, '' he told, and then revealed why it would be a big match. "I am a fighter, I come to fight. I always go forward, and so does Canelo Alvarez.

He won’t just stand there and avoid punches. He avoids punches, but that's not the only thing he tries to do or fight defensively." "We both come to fight, and besides, we are both 'P4P' best fighters in the world. Something like this has never been done. It would be the biggest sporting event in history, and of course Dana White would be behind me, '' Usman added.

Kamaru Usman Canelo Alvarez

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