(PHOTO) UFC fighter cuts foot with chainsaw

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(PHOTO) UFC fighter cuts foot with chainsaw

Injuries in martial arts are inevitable and very common. However, fighters are mostly injured in training or in matches. Still, injuries threaten in everyday life, as evidenced by Eryk Anders (14-6, 6-6 UFC, 1 NC). The UFC fighter, who competes in the middleweight and light heavyweight division, cut his foot with a chainsaw.

The 34-year-old fighter apparently handled dangerous tools clumsily, and given the potential danger posed by handling a chainsaw, Anders even did well. The American fighter shared a photo of the cut via Instagram. His right foot was injured in this accident, and of course Anders had to sew.

"They don't make chainsaws for left-handers," Anders wrote in a statement.

Numerous fighters commented on the photo and wished him a speedy recovery. Michael Chiesa asked what exactly happened, to which Anders jokingly wrote that he hit the chainsaw with a high kick. Anders himself seems to be aware that this could have gone a lot worse for him and is therefore willing to joke at his own expense.

Eryk played American football in his younger days and even signed a contract with the Cleveland Browns NFL team. His NFL career, however, was not particularly successful. Although he had a great love for the sport, things did not match Anders never played for the Browns, but was only part of the team and participated in training sessions.

He made his MMA debut in 2015, and came to the UFC as a very promising fighter with eight wins in as many appearances.

Eryk Anders UFC career

He started his UFC career with two consecutive wins but was then defeated by Lyota Machida.

All that followed, Anders failed to make the leap he expected. Ranked fighters proved to be too much for him, while against less resounding names he would do well. He made his last appearance in the twelfth month of last year.

Andre Muniz defeated him with a "submission" (lever on hand) in the first round. Anders is currently not scheduled for the next performance, and he will be out of the hall for a while due to this accident with the chainsaw.

It will take some time to recover and return to training. We still don’t know how serious the injury is, but it’s certainly not harmless. Of course, Anders is a good fighter, and we wish him a speedy recovery and a quick return to the ring, because we know that MMA is his great love