Ali Abdelaziz: Kamaru Usman would knock out Canelo within three rounds


Ali Abdelaziz: Kamaru Usman would knock out Canelo within three rounds
Ali Abdelaziz: Kamaru Usman would knock out Canelo within three rounds

In recent months, Kamaru Usman has often used the media space to call out Saul Canelo Alvarez, currently the best boxer in the world. Usman hopes for a great boxing match and is convinced that he can match the great Mexican.

It’s no secret that Kamaru has fallen in love with his boxing skills, ever since he started training with Trevor Wittman. Two of the last three victories, Usman scored by knockout, and particularly impressive was the knockout that stopped Jorge Masvidal.

Last week in an interview with TMZ Sports, Usman announced what awaits him in 2022. "2022 is a year in which I will shock the world. First July and International Fight Week will follow, then I will fight Leon Edwards. With God's help I will go through Leon Edwards, and then September, Mexican Independence Day, then I will stop Canelo Alvarez " Although Canelo does not show much interest in this fight and has repeatedly pointed out that he is currently only interested in matches that will make his legacy even bigger, the Mexican still does not rule out the possibility of fighting Usman.

'' Maybe, why not? Never say never. '', Was Canelo's review of a possible match against Usman, when visiting MMA Hour. It is difficult to say how much interest this match would actually attract. Many MMA fighters now want to follow the example of Conor McGregor who boxed against Floyd Mayweather in 2017 and made a huge amount of money doing so.

Still, McGregor was then reputed to be the best boxer in MMA, and it goes without saying how much the Irishman is a bigger star than other UFC fighters. Usman would have minimal chances against Canelo according to all parameters and predictions, but apart from the Nigerian, there are some other people who believe in his chances.

Abdelaziz on Usman vs Alvarez fight

But Abdelaziz, manager and good friend of the UFC welterweight champion, in an interview with MMA Junkie, decided to comment on a potential match between the MMA champion and the boxing champion.

'' Kamaru will knock him out in three rounds. He is a guy who comes from Africa, he has overcome many obstacles and I believe in him." "This is the difference between me and other people. I believe in him, I live with him, I breathe with him and I will die with him.

I also fight with him." "He is a special person in my life. Do you know how many street fights we've been together in? We took part in a lot of street fights and I have to believe in him." "I think Kamaru can beat any living person, '' Abdelaziz began, then criticized MMA fighters boxing with YouTubers.

'' I know Usman doesn't want to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul. He claims that ‘P4P’ is the king in MMA and wants to fight the ‘P4P’ boxing coward." "I say this because I think all boxers are cowards because none of them want to go into MMA.

At the end of the day, in a street fight, who is the meanest guy on the planet?" "You can't call Canelo the meanest guy on the planet. If they found themselves on the street, who would win? Kamaru would beat him up as if Canelo had stolen something from him, "Ali Abdelaziz added.

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