Ben Askren on Jorge Masvidal's 'flying knee' tattoo: Oh God, it looks like s*it

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Ben Askren on Jorge Masvidal's 'flying knee' tattoo: Oh God, it looks like s*it

Almost two and a half years have passed since Ben Askren's retirement, at least when it comes to MMA. Ben arrived in the UFC in 2019 as an undefeated fighter (18-0-0) and a former Bellator and ONE champion. Still, under the auspices of the UFC, he provided mostly bad releases.

In his debut, he defeated Robbie Lawler somewhat controversially, followed by defeats by a stoppage from Jorge Masvidal and Demian Maia. "Gamebred" knocked out Askren after only five seconds of the fight and thus recorded the fastest knockout in the history of the promotion.

With "Flying Knee" Masvidal put Ben Askren to sleep, and as a reminder of that moment, he decided to tattoo his left shoulder with that scene. Askren revealed in MMA Hour what he thinks about that tattoo.
'' It's terrible.

Oh God, it looks like s*it. It’s something a teenager would do on their body and then say, ‘Oh, s*it, I thought this was going to look a lot better." "It was supposed to look good, but it looks silly."

"He is rich, he can afford the best tattoo artists. However, that speaks to how important that moment is in his career. He knows that and that's why he tattooed it on his body, "Askren said. Jorge Masvidal really did gain a lot at that moment.

His popularity skyrocketed and he was then given the chance to win the BMF belt (a fictional title for 'The Worst Guy in Promotion'). Jorge eventually reached that belt, defeating Nate Diaz, and all of that allowed him two title fights.

However, he lost in both, and after the defeat by Covington, his status suffered a significant blow.

Askren on Masvidal's defeat

The defeat by Colby is even harder for him, especially since it is a defeat from a fighter he absolutely hates and hoped to defeat hard.

Although Covington was the dominant fighter through almost all of the 25 minutes of the fight, Masvidal said he still plans to break Colby’s jaw if they meet on the street. Ben Askren was quite annoyed by such comments.

"The fight went as we expected. The thing that annoys me is that Jorge wants to fight him after the match. You just had 25 minutes to do whatever you wanted with him." "You can’t stab him in the eye and bite, we have a few rules, but not too many.

So you could literally do what you want in 25 minutes, and now you’re acting like you want to do something? Hey, you had 25 minutes, you should have done it then, '' Askren explained, and he's absolutely right about that.