Alex Pereira claims: ‘Adesanya is afraid of me and deceives his fans’

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Alex Pereira claims: ‘Adesanya is afraid of me and deceives his fans’

This week brings us a new UFC performance by Alex Pereira. The Brazilian signed for the UFC last year and made his debut on November 6 against Andreas Michailidis. Pereira celebrated with a spectacular “flying knee” in the second round and proved ready for the UFC.

By the way, he is a fighter who is considered by many to be one of the best kickboxers in the last five to six years. Pereira has won titles in two Glory categories (middleweight and light heavyweight) and is a string of big names he has defeated in his career.

However, by joining the UFC, his two wins over Israel Adesanya caused him to be in the focus of the MMA public. The Brazilian kickboxer won in 2016 by a unanimous decision, and a year later, he knocked out Adesanya in the third round.

Izzy is currently the UFC middleweight champion and many are looking forward to a potential MMA fight between the two fighters. No one in the middleweight division has been able to match the Nigerian so far, and the difference is especially big as the fight takes place in a standing position.

However, on paper, Pereira would be a stylistically very dangerous opponent for Adesanya, as Izzy would not have any significant stand-up advantage in that match. Still, Pereira has a long way to go before the match with Adesanya Only one victory is behind him, and this weekend his compatriot Bruno Silva will stand in his way to another.

Still, it seems Pereira is already looking towards the match against Adesanya. Namely, Israel stated in one of the previous interviews that he is looking forward to the match against Pereira, but that it is too early to talk about it.

Pereira on Adesanya

It seems that the Brazilian did not best accept Israel's statement, which says that he is looking forward to a showdown. '' How can this guy talk about wanting to fight me? If I were in his position and ‘crazy’ about fighting someone, as he says he is ...

the moment I heard Alex Pereira signed with the UFC, I would ask them to arrange that match for me." "Considering the respect he enjoys in the company, he could immediately ask about that fight. ‘Forget about Robert Whittaker, cancel that match, arrange it for later, I decide.

If Alex wants a match, so do I. '', could have been his demands. '' Pereira began in the Trocacao Franca podcast, then continued. '' It's something you do if you really want to fight someone. 'Oh, I can't wait to fight Alex, but we'll fight after 15 matches.'

How does that say he wants to fight me?" "What he really wants. Look, it's harder for me to have a match with him than to win it. He knows that, and he knows how I beat him." "We fought twice, but he won’t admit how hard it is for him against me.

He is not eager to fight me and hopes I will slip somewhere along the way." "He's trying to get away from me. He deceives his fans and people should put pressure on him. The least he can do is say to the fans: 'I'll show you that I'm the best and that's why you're following me,' but that's not something he does. He is simply terrified, "Pereira added.