Brendan Schaub; Colby Covington risks calling out Khamzat Chimaev

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Brendan Schaub; Colby Covington risks calling out Khamzat Chimaev

There are many examples of MMA fighters who love to serve "trash talk" and this further raises their value and popularity among fans. Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen are the first to come to mind when talking about the most famous "trash talkers" in MMA.

However, Colby Covington is also one of the synonyms of "trash talk" in this sport. The American fighter was not known for that until 2017 and the victory over Demian Maio in Sao Paulo. "Chaos" then took the microphone and fiercely spat on the entire Brazilian people.

Ever since, Colby has been building a bad personality and not sparing anyone in his call outs. Often "Chaos" crosses the boundaries of good taste and his insults become personal. Family, religion, nationality, none of that is sacred to Colby, but he backs up his language with great performances inside the cage.

Kamaru Usman acts as the only fighter who can stop him within the welterweight category and he has done so twice. Apart from those two defeats, Colby has recorded nine wins in his last 11 appearances and is the first challenger for a reason.

Jorge Masvidal is his latest victim, and Gamebred has also been the target of Colby's verbal attacks. Namely, Covington often mentioned Masvidal's ex-wife, and he also touched on many other personal things. All of that makes the defeat even worse for Masvidal, and Jorge himself stated that he would continue to fight with Covington on the street.

In his The Schaub Show, Brendan Schaub, a retired UFC heavyweight, referred to Colby's often tasteless trash talk.

Brendan Schaub on Chimaev Colby conflict

Schaub believes that a welterweight fighter will not sit still and listen to such shouts escalate if Covington and that fighter find themselves in the same place at the same time.

'' Colby talks too much shit and I love it. It’s his style, and I like it. Sometimes he crosses the line, especially when he talked about Masvidal as a bad father and other things related to the girl and the like." "Will he talk like that about Khamzat Chimaev? I don’t think the UFC has enough insurance to stop Khamzat and his guys.

We're talking about some really tough guys, '' Schaub said. So Schaub believes it is not a smart idea for Covington to insult Chimaev on a personal level. A Chechen with a Swedish passport could easily break up and make a big mess, especially if we take into account that similar people surround him.

However, Chimaev is primarily waiting for a match against Gilbert Burns, on April 9 (fourth month) at the UFC 273 event. Whether Chimaev will have a chance to deal with Colby as well, time will tell.