Islam Makhachev claims he did not refuse to fight Dos Anjos

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Islam Makhachev claims he did not refuse to fight Dos Anjos

A lot of dust has been raised around Islam Makhachev and Rafael dos Anjos. The Brazilian fighter was left without a fight against Rafael Fiziev last week and an urgent replacement was sought. Islam Makhachev imposed himself as the best choice, especially because the Dagestani played a match against Bobby Green a week earlier in which he passed unscathed.

The Dagestani offered himself but demanded that the fight be held in welterweight. RDA proposed a "catchweight" of up to 165 "pounds", but in the end the Brazilian fighter agreed to fight in the welterweight category (up to 170 "pounds").

UFC President Dana White said it looked like the matter was over, but the next morning when he woke up, Makhachev reportedly refused to fight and Renato Moicano came in as a replacement. White was late, adding that Islam Makhachev will now have to fight another fight before he gets a chance to attack the belt.

It is a match against Beneil Dariush, a fighter with whom Makhachev was actually supposed to fight on February 26, but Dariush canceled due to injury. Islam is not worried about that fact, and in an interview with ESPN, the Dagestani rejected Dana White's allegations that the UFC president points out that Makhachev rejected dos Anjos.

'' He can say what he wants, but it doesn't matter. I will fight with anyone, because I will be a champion and I will fight against all the top 10 guys. Also, I will defeat them all, "Islam said.

RDA on Makhachev

During yesterday's visit to the MMA Hour, RDA pointed out that Makhachev was actually bluffing by offering himself for a match in the welterweight category.

The former champion points out that Islam believed that dos Anjos would reject the offer, in which case the Brazilian would turn out to be the one who was allegedly scared. However, RDA accepted all the terms, and in the end Makhachev reportedly withdrew.

Dos Anjos said Makhachev had asked for $ 1 million for the fight, earning just over $ 100,000 per match. The great Dagestani fighter also commented on this thesis. '' I wanted to help the UFC, do it for the fans and everyone else, because it was a PPV event, a big show.

I asked for a little, very little." "One hundred percent I didn't ask for a million dollars. But anyway, I watched his match against Moican. He is not on my level, what can he offer?" "If I beat him, people will say I beat an old man who is not in the top 5. Now Dana says I have to fight Dariush. I have no problem with that, "Makhachev added.