Rafael dos Anjos wants a match against McGregor again

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Rafael dos Anjos wants a match against McGregor again

A great performance was made by Rafael dos Anjos last weekend at the UFC 272 event. With total domination, the former lightweight champion defeated his compatriot Renato Moican. The RDA has proven that there is still a lot of fire in him and that he belongs to the upper house of the UFC lightweight category.

The 37-year-old now has 20 UFC wins behind him, and he makes it very clear against whom he wants to record his 21st win. It’s about Conor McGregor, the UFC’s biggest star. "Notorious" is currently in the process of recovering from a severe leg fracture he suffered in July last year.

It is not known who he will fight, but the Irishman claims that he will fight for the belt. We all hope the UFC won’t belittle its other challengers by skipping them all, even though Conor hasn’t beaten anyone since early 2020.

'' It looks like Islam Makhachev will fight Beneil Dariush. He had a chance to fight me, but he didn’t want to. I accepted the welterweight match, but they didn't." "I don't know, Conor is reportedly returning for the summer.

That could be a good match for me. The fight for the title has already been agreed." "We’ll see, a lot of things can happen. I just want to be active and I need good names. I’ve been in this game for a long time and I need a name that can make me want to go train.

That's what I want, '' the RDA told a news conference after defeating Moican.

RDS on Conor McGregor

His comments came exactly six years after the Brazilian was scheduled to fight McGregor at UFC 196 events. Still, dos Anjos then had to cancel the match due to a foot injury, and Nate Diaz jumped in as a late substitute and shocked the world with a win over Conor.

The Brazilian often called out McGregor after that, looking for an opportunity to re-arrange the match, but that never happened. Maybe now is the right time. '' I think that fight makes a lot of sense at the moment.

I was absent for 16 months. Conor has broken his leg and is returning for the summer. It all makes sense." "The situation in this category is pretty crazy, and I think the match between Conor and me makes sense. That would be a fight for big money, of course.

There is a certain history between us as well, '' he added. Conor is currently ninth in the lightweight challenger rankings, while RDa is sixth. The Irishman is in a string of two defeats and a fight against Rafael dos Anjos would show us whether McGregor belongs to the top of this category or his time is up.