Jorge Masvidal brutally honest after the defeat by Colby Covington!

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Jorge Masvidal brutally honest after the defeat by Colby Covington!

Of course, Jorge Masvidal defeat against Colby Covington was not easy for him, especially after everything that happened between them, not only in this fight but years ago. Despite that, he came to the press conference and in fact quite calmly expressed his position on what happened in the fight.

"I think I got more exchanges and I think I did more damage to the legs." "On the technical side, I lost a lot of wrestling changes, I spent too much energy on some takedowns and that's how it turned out.

But that's the kind of fight," Jorge said and after that he was asked what he would change now if he could: "If I could do it all over again, I would go to college and wrestle to exhaustion, learn the skills needed to keep all these guys on their feet.

I was really bad at wrestling." The question then arose as to whether he had any idea what was coming next, or what his plans were, other than the obvious, to rest and socialize with his family. The answer came as no surprise, especially after he revealed he didn’t mind doing this fight once more in the future.

"The only thing that makes sense to me is to go to the gym, get in shape, see what my state of mind is and see who's next in two or three months. I need to recover a little." "It's not that I'm hurt, but losing from such a loser is what is awful.

I've always had a hard time fighting wrestlers so I have to fix that part, "he explained of his plans.

Jorge Masvidal on Colby Covington

He added something else after which it is clear that after five rounds of fighting between them nothing has changed.

There is no acting here, everything that is happening is obviously real and will remain so. "Nothing is personal to me, but it's nasty to lose to someone who talks about my kids like that. He's still someone I don't want to see on the street."

"To see him would do my best to break his jaw. It doesn't matter that I lost my wrestlers changes in this fight, he is still an ordinary pu**y", Jorge confirmed his position. Apart from one situation in the second and fourth rounds, Masvidal did nothing to endanger Colby in this fight.

That was far too little. We'll see if there will be a chance to see them in the ring again, it would be an ideal chance for Masvidal to take revenge