Colby Covington on Jorge Masvidal: ‘I see fear in his eyes’

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Colby Covington on Jorge Masvidal: ‘I see fear in his eyes’

Colby Covington looked very pleased after the ceremonial weigh-in for the fight against Jorge Masvidal. Full of confidence, he came in front of UFC reporter Megan Olivi to express his emotions to her in the moments when there was only a fight left, the final act that everyone is waiting for the most.

Colby Covington seems to have continued to provoke his opponents, and he seems to want to influence Masvidal in this way, but Masvidal is a much bigger and stronger fighter than some of Colby's other opponents. "I saw great things going.

I see fear in his eyes. He can say whatever he wants to the media, but I see a lot when we look each other in the face, I recognize the energy he carries with him and he knows what will happen this weekend." "He knows the end of his career is coming, "the first thing he said all the time was a smiling Colby.

Aware that he has attracted a lot of negative energy towards himself with his behavior and statements, Colby will not have fans on his side in this fight.


It’s actually something he’s used to and says he’s actually extracting something extra out of it, which he might not have otherwise.

"I know very well how to channel that anger, hatred and doubt in me that I get from people. This is not the ultimate championship in feelings nor am I a champion in it." "I am a champion in combat. This will be just another day for me because I will work what I know best, ”he announced, referring to Masvidal’s possible tactics compared to what he will bring to the Octagon: "I think I know Jorge and I know what his plan will be.

He doesn't know what I'm up to. I'm in a new gym and I'm working with new coaches. So you'll see the new Colby Covington." In the end, he was asked what the perfect UFC 272 night would look like for him. “The perfect evening for me would be one in which I make Jorge whine and show how much he hurts and in which I finish him within three rounds,” he concluded his last address before the fight in which we will get answers to many questions.

Jorge Masvidal seems more motivated than ever, and is frustrated by this behavior of his former partner. A fantastic fight awaits us, that's for sure