Curtis Blaydes supports Francis Ngannou's desire to try boxing

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Curtis Blaydes supports Francis Ngannou's desire to try boxing

The situation around Francis Ngannou and his contract with the UFC has calmed down quite a bit. The heavyweight champion has a bad relationship with promotion and we may never see him again within the UFC’s Octagon. "Predator" can opt for the option that his contract lasts for another year and that he does not play a single match in that period.

He’s definitely facing knee surgery and a longer break, and if the UFC doesn’t meet his needs, it could be the UFC with the biggest star in the promotion. One of Francis ’demands concerns boxing. Ngannou wants an item with which he can do a boxing match without being banned by the UFC.

The Cameroonian has long wanted to try his hand at boxing, and even Tyson Fury is interested in a boxing match with the UFC heavyweight champion. The UFC is reluctant to meet such requirements and their contracts are exclusive and do not allow fighters almost any trips to other promotions and sports.

Of course, we will all immediately remember Conor McGregor who boxed against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. The Irishman lost the match by technical knockout in the tenth round, but the UFC had its share of the pie, and it was a fight that attracted huge public interest.

Curtis Blaydes supports Francis Ngannou

Fourth-ranked UFC challenger Curtis Blaydes, while guesting on the podcast '' The Fighter vs. The Writer '', touched on the situation between Ngannou and the UFC, and Francis' desire to do a boxing match.

'' I think that's the crux of the problem. They opened that door when they let McGregor do such a match. I don’t see the real reason why Francis couldn’t do the same." "No legitimate reason comes to mind, because that's exactly what they allowed McGregor to do.

'' Blaydes said something many agree with, and then tried to figure out some of the reasons the UFC opposes the idea. '' Of course, there is a risk of injury, but injuries can happen anywhere. They are possible in training.

That’s not a good enough reason, especially when both sides could make big money in the whole story, even if it’s $ 5 million." "It’s big money and I don’t blame Francis for wanting a boxing match.

I just don't blame him, '' Blaydes added. By the way, Ngannou and Blaydes shared the UFC cage twice and Ngannou celebrated on both occasions. The first match was played in 2016 in Zagreb, and Ngannou celebrated with a stoppage after the end of the second round.

Blaydes' eye was completely closed and the doctor did not allow the match to continue. The rematch took place in 2018 in China, and Ngannou knocked out Blaydes after 45 seconds of fighting. Yet, despite some rivalry, Blaydes has somehow sided with Francis Ngannou