Bobby Green on Islam Makhachev: I couldn't move, this is my strongest opponent

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Bobby Green on Islam Makhachev: I couldn't move, this is my strongest opponent

Bobby Green bravely jumped into a match against Islam Makhachev last weekend on "short notice" The 35-year-old veteran didn’t have much to lose, and with a win against Makhachev, he would have come very close to attacking the title.

It would be the biggest victory in his career so far, but it turned out that Green is still far from the top for a reason. Islam Makhachev easily defeated him, by technical knockout in the first round. Bobby sounded confident in the week ahead of the fight and managed to convince some that there was a possibility of surprise.

However, Makhachev pointed out that Green accepted the match only because of the money he would earn. However, Green claims that he really hoped to win, that is, that he came to provide his best release, but it simply did not go better than what he showed.

"I did my best. I apologize to all my fans. I promise you, I will redeem myself for this. I did what I could for you. I lost like this for the first time." "I did what I could. I jumped into the match straight off the couch.

I’m still damaged from the last match (two weeks earlier he fought Haqparast, op.a.). I wanted a chance to test this guy." "If our paths meet again, I will be ready for him, '' Green told a news conference after the fight.

Bobby announced that Makhachev had never been tested and that he did not really know what it was like to be in a fight. Green thought that other opponents did not offer adequate resistance and that he was the right person to drag Makhachev into "deep waters"

Bobby Green on Islam Makhachev

However, it is one thing to tell this before the match, but a completely different story happens the moment the fight against Makhachev begins. The Dagestani is a physically and technically top fighter, but he also adheres to his tactics.

So, with good reason, 10 consecutive wins are behind him, and Bobby Green has now realized that as well. "He is so patient and so strong. Little by little, he goes and goes, until he gets to the position he wants. I tried to turn around, but he came to a ‘full mount’ and was so strong in holding that position."

"I couldn’t move from that position. No opponent I have fought is so strong. I have to get into weight training to build muscle and strength for this category, '' Green explained. All in all, Green’s streak of two consecutive wins was interrupted last weekend.

Still, Bobby really didn’t lose much with that fight, as Islam Makhachev is considered by many to be the best lightweight fighter. It is a matter of time before he wins the belt to confirm this.