Conor McGregor on match with Jake Paul: "Never say never"

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Conor McGregor on match with Jake Paul: "Never say never"

One of the guests at last night’s Bellator 275 show was also UFC’s biggest star Conor McGregor. The Irishman did not miss the event in Dublin and attracted a lot of media attention. "Notorious" is currently recovering from a leg fracture he suffered in July last year and recovery is expected in the second half of this year.

In an interview with the Irish portal Severe MMA, Conor revealed that his recovery is underway and when his new appearance under the auspices of the UFC can be expected. '' Day by day, I feel better. They tell me to go slow, but I feel ready.

I'll be back soon and that's it. " The Irishman has stressed countless times during his recovery that he plans to return by fighting for the belt, even though he has lost two matches in a row. Charles Oliveira holds the lightweight title, and McGregor desperately wants the opportunity to attack that belt.

Justin Gaethje is next in line, and the match will take place on May 6 (fifth month). Conor believes Oliveira should be patient and wait for his return. '' If Oliveira is wise, he might wait another month or two. July (the seventh month) looks good to me.

I can't say for sure, it's too early, But July, if I spar in April (the fourth month), May, June and July." "As early as the end of the fourth month, I could take the head off the shoulders of most of these guys.

It’s time for this game to start paying homage to me for my different fighting styles." "My ground floor, blows down, blows up." "People will pay tribute to me for all aspects of my game. Even when I'm in the down position, elbows, kicks.

Ever since that fight (against Chad Mendes), people have been trying to implement them. It's not the same. There are levels in this game, '' Conor said.

Conor McGregor on Jake Paul

Jake Paul, a YouTuber and emerging boxing star, is the person who has called McGregor out countless times and this is one of the matches he hopes for the most.

The Irishman has so far shown absolutely no interest in fighting YouTubers nor has he commented on such developments in the boxing world. However, things are changing and Conor has finally spoken out on the issue as well.

'' I didn't watch that match (between Woodley and Paul). They generated only a few thousand PPVs sold. I didn't watch him live, I looked on the internet later, '' the Irishman told the Mirror this time, and then commented on the possibility of a fight between him and Jake Paul.

''Who knows? Never say never. " It could be said that it was a matter of time before his interest in such matches would appear. At the end of the day, Conor McGregor is a master of making money, and matches with YouTubers have nothing else in focus.