Islam Makhachev: Charles Oliveira would be an easy opponent for me

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Islam Makhachev: Charles Oliveira would be an easy opponent for me

Islam Makhachev (21-1, 10-1 UFC) will chase his tenth win in a row this weekend. Something he is convinced is enough for him to become a challenger for the UFC lightweight title. His task will be to defeat the replacement opponent Bobby Green.

Unfortunately, Green is not a ranked fighter and if he defeats him, Islam will still be left with only two defeated ranked opponents, one of whom held 15th place at the time of their fight. On the other hand, he is the least guilty of it and it is not really fair to punish him for it.

Following the above, we can count on the fact that Islam will become a challenger if there is a victory, which he is actually convinced of and does not see Green as someone who could threaten him. So he is already looking at a possible title fight, which is currently owned by Charles Oliveira.

And he sees Oliveira as an opponent who suits him completely and whom he would easily defeat.

Islam Makhachev on Oliveira

"It would be a good fight because we have almost the same fighting style. He has good grappling skills, he's a good hitter and that's why it would be a good fight."

"But I don't think it would be a hard fight for me. I can easily knock him down because I know he doesn't have much wrestling skills." "But his grappling skills are at a very high level and we'll see who's better there, "Islam said during a media gathering, adding that he believes he will fight for the title against the Brazilian, who must first be defeated in May.

Justina Gaethjea: "I think Oliviera will beat Gaethje and then it will be a fight of a fighter with 11 wins in a row against a fighter with ten in a row. It will be a big fight for all MMA fans." "Oliveira will finish Gaethje.

The first round will be on their feet and then he will take him down and choke him" Islam is in favor of a situation where there is actually no other relevant candidate to attack the title, except Beneil Dariush, who was his planned opponent for this fight, making it a real "title eliminator"

Unfortunately, Dariush was forced to cancel the fight and that is why this situation actually occurred. Islam Makhachev is one of the most promising fighters and he certainly has a great career ahead of him