Javier Mendez says: "Islam Makhachev cannot surpass Khabib"


Javier Mendez says: "Islam Makhachev cannot surpass Khabib"
Javier Mendez says: "Islam Makhachev cannot surpass Khabib"

Retired Khabib Nurmagomed is a fighter who has attracted fans with many qualities. His martial arts are unquestionable, and his results prove it. The Dagestani has played 29 professional matches in his career and has never lost.

He proved himself at the highest level by winning the UFC lightweight belt and successfully defending the title three times. Khabib was incredibly dominant in almost every one of his performances and without any dilemma belongs to the inner circle of the greatest fighters in the history of this sport.

However, Khabib also won over many fans with his human qualities. He is a fighter who often likes to talk about the importance of these qualities, and was raised in a traditional environment in Dagestan. His respect for his late father, but also for coach Javier Mendez, is an example to others.

One of the main virtues that Nurmagomedov tries to cultivate is loyalty. Dagestanis always stick together, no matter where they train, but Khabib is known for his very good relations with Daniel Cormier and coach Mendez. Nurmagomedov trained at the American Kickboxing Academy for many years, and head coach Javier Mendez explained how loyal Khabib was to him.

'' He's amazing on the ground floor. That's how he came to us. What I gave him are some finishing touches, and we sharpened the stand as well." "He didn’t train with anyone but me. When he got home, I tried to persuade him to train with other people, but he wouldn’t.

He was simply too loyal to me, at least when it comes to the stand, '' Mendez explained during a visit to Schmo.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev

The coach added that this loyalty cost Nurmagomedov somewhat. Namely, upon his arrival in Russia, Khabib would stop working on the stand, because he did not want to cooperate with other coaches.

However, when it comes to Khabib's successor Islam Makhachev, Mendez points out that the story is somewhat different. Makhachev is very willing to work with other coaches as well, and Mendez believes that is why he has developed better skills than Khabib.

Islam will have the opportunity to present some of his arsenal this weekend against Bobby Green. The opponent of Islam Makhachev is extremely well-versed in the stand, and it remains to be seen whether Makhachev will dare to make such an exchange.

'' In my opinion, I do not believe that Islam can surpass Khabib. I don’t think anyone can surpass a fighter who retired undefeated. How many rounds did Khabib lose in the first place? What to say about it? Name me a fighter who lost fewer rounds than Khabib. After that, we can talk. "

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