Michael Bisping sees Charles Oliveira as the ideal opponent for Conor McGregor

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Michael Bisping sees Charles Oliveira as the ideal opponent for Conor McGregor

The stories about Conor's attack on the lightweight belt simply do not subside. Although McGregor is currently only ninth in the lightweight category and has recorded defeats in his last two appearances, he is still associated with the attack on the title.

Of course, "Notorious" is still in the process of recovering from a severe leg injury he suffered in the seventh month of last year. However, his return to the cage is set to happen in the second half of this year, and questions arise as to who should be Conor’s opponent in the comeback fight.

McGregor often wrote via Twitter that he is waiting for a match for the title currently held by Charles Oliveira, and interesting information was also provided by McGregor's manager Tim Simpson. He was a guest on the MMA Hour show last week and explained how things work between Conor and the UFC.

"Let's look first at what will happen in the title match. The thing is, Conor always has options. He will have them even when he recovers, no matter what happens in the category. "He sells well (generates earnings).

He can fight anyone, no matter what seems like ‘right’ for the category. "After all, this is a business and he can win the belt fight if he wants to," Simpson said.

Michael Bisping on Oliveira vs McGregor

One of those who see some meaning in arranging a match between McGregor and Oliveira is Michael Bisping.

The retired English fighter is aware that it is in the interest of promotion for McGregor to shine again and win the title, and he sees Charles Oliveira as the ideal opponent for McGregor. '' Of all the fights Conor could do, Charles Oliveira could be the one who suits him best.

Stylistically, I think it would be easier for Conor than against Dustin Poirier." "Conor has a good defense against the takedown. In the fight against Khabib, yes, Khabib dominated but had during the first round had a lot of difficulties trying to take him down."

"Conor resisted these attempts for a while and there he showed he has a good defense against take down and good jiu-jitsu too. In the stand, I think he would destroy Charles Oliveira. If Oliveira could not be taken down, Conor would knock him out, '' Bisping said in a video on his YouTube channel.

If UFC leaders also look that way, it’s really not impossible that they decide to pair Oliveira and Conor. However, the Brazilian will defend his title against Justin Gaethje in the fifth month.