Jorge Masvidal wants a fight against Nate Diaz: I almost damn near killed him

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Jorge Masvidal wants a fight against Nate Diaz: I almost damn near killed him

At the end of 2019, we watched an interesting match under the auspices of the UFC. The promotion decided to invent a belt for the "Baddest Motherfu*ker" in the promotion, and as part of that match, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz performed.

Jorge was quite dominant and at times acted as if Diaz was receiving heavy beatings. After a full three rounds, the doctor decided to stop the match due to a cut above Diaz's right eye. In this way, Masvidal reached the "BMF" belt, which has no special weight in martial arts, but it served as a good promotion and personal satisfaction for "Gamebred"

Both fighters were not particularly happy because the match was stopped by an intervention by a doctor, and it seems that Masvidal would be happy to do another match against Nate Diaz. '' That motherfuc*er (Diaz) doesn't want that.

Hell, I almost killed him last time. You saw his last fight against Leon (Edwards). I thought to myself, ‘Man, if you make a mistake and pair that guy with me again, you know what’s going to happen?" "He doesn't even want to fight (with me).

"," Gamebred "began, and then further criticized Diaz. "That little fu***** broomstick keeps talking, you're going to have to go at some point, you know. [When] I take Colby's a** out, if I gotta wait for Usman, it could be you that gets this a**whooping, bro...

Let's fu***** go, man, I'm gonna break your fu***** face, bro."
, '' Masvidal told Diaz during a Q&A on the Rumble platform.

Nate Diaz

By the way, Nate has one fight left according to his current contract with the promotion, but it is currently unknown who his opponent will be.

Dustin Poirier acts as the most likely opponent, and the question arises whether Diaz will continue to collaborate with the world's strongest MMA promotion. One of those whose contract will not expire soon is Conor McGregor.

The Irishman is currently recovering from a broken leg he suffered in a match against Poirier in the middle of last year. His return is expected in the second half of the year, and Masvidal is also interested in that match.

However, "Gamebred" points out that he does not see too much challenge in McGregor. '' A lot of people say they would beat me up, and there's a lot of graveyards like that. I don't know what you want me to tell you, but you know what I'd do with that fuc*ing midget.

Of course I want to fight him, but the question is whether he would fight me, '' Jorge added.
Masvidal is waiting for a match against Colby Covington at UFC 272 in two weeks. He is one of the toughest possible opponents he could have won in that category, and it would certainly be good to keep the focus on that fight. Yet, given all the animosity between him and Covington, we have no doubt that his focus is on the right place.