Michael Chandler reveals his advantages is in the match with Tony Ferguson

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Michael Chandler reveals his advantages is in the match with Tony Ferguson

The latest information says that the UFC lightweight fight between Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson will take place at the UFC 274 event in May. Confirmation of this would end weeks of speculation about the fight, and concrete talks could begin.

In fact, the opportunity to say something concrete was given to Chandler already now when in an interview with CBS Sports he compared himself and his probable next opponent. "He's the man I'm training for, he's the man I'm watching and the man I'm thinking about."

"The plan is to get in the best shape, but I feel completely ready for Tony Ferguson. We'll know more about when the contract is finally signed and all be published, ”Chandler said, turning to the comparison of the skills: "I think my biggest advantage is that I'm complete and I can keep a high pace.

Of course, we also know that Tony can keep pace, but I'll definitely be 'sharper' than him." "I think my energy and speed will be too much for I will have an advantage in speed and athleticism I think I am good in all segments where Tony is good."

"He has great jiu-jitsu, but no one has ever caught me and ended up on the floor so I don't see that he will. But he is very dangerous, no doubt about it. "

Tony Ferguson's biggest qualities

However, he turned to Tony's greatest qualities, and it was not difficult to guess what he would list as the main one, ie the one that is the most difficult to prepare for.

"I think his greatest strength and what people are afraid of is his craziness. That's what brings excitement to his fights. You never know what you'll get if I fight Tony." "He can take you down, throw imaginary sand in your eyes or swing his elbows or circular kicks, anything is possible.

He is simply unpredictable so you always have to expect the unexpected. It is not easy to prepare for such a fighter. It will be an interesting preparation camp," he concluded. The qualities of both fighters are quite familiar to everyone who follows martial arts, as well as what we can expect.

A relentless fight in which there should not be too much calculation. And that is, in the end, what we all love the most and why we are so looking forward to that fight. They are both top fighters and can offer a lot, so we can expect a spectacle