Conor McGregor surprised UFC fans with a post on Instagram

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Conor McGregor surprised UFC fans with a post on Instagram

Irish MMA star Conor McGregor is considered by many to be the best fighter on the roster when it comes to standing skills. McGregor has knocked out a series of top fighters like Jose Aldo, Dustin Poirier, Eddie Alvarez, Chad Mendes, etc.

However he is often criticized for not being at the highest level of his wrestling and ground skills. Four defeats in his career (out of a total of six), Conor recorded "submission" In the match against Khabib Nurmagomedov, he was absolutely dominated in the ground floor, by "ground and pound" (blows in the ground floor) and finally by forced surrender (RNC).

Still, Nurmagomedov did it to almost every opponent he met. Conor McGregor is currently recovering from a severe leg fracture he suffered in the seventh month of last year. Conor then recorded his second consecutive defeat, and both times Dustin Poirier was better.

Despite the losing streak, McGregor has not lost a dose of self-confidence and is often advertised on social media. This time, "Notorious" decided to look back on his skills, and hymns on his own account were not lacking.

"I’ve the best ground and pound in the game. My highest% of finishes does not actually come from my standing horizontal back hand, like most assume." "My highest% of finishing wins actually come from the accuracy of my vertical punching (you are all novices vertical striking.

Arm hitters. Ask ref to stop it hitters. Fall over on yourself hitters)." "I don’t miss g’n’p. I don't hit arms. I do not fall in.

Conor McGregor Instagram post

"I hit soft face, head and skull.
It’s how you’ve seen people vs me absolutely cut up.

Looking like they’ve just got a bang of a few golf balls off the tee of a driving range. Skin fully opened." "Yet me, skin like butter. Many times I’ve not even messed up my hair. That’s why a lot of these rat bags like to hate.

I’m smooth like butter with it." "The richest, the baddest, the most unscathed.
Anyways rat bags, It’s almost yacht season, or as I like to call it, caramel butter skin season ? "- Conor McGregor added Conor McGregor has indeed presented a good "ground and pound" many times.

However, he came to such situations mostly after he would seriously shake up his fighter and then just finish the job. It will be difficult for anyone to agree that he is a fighter with the best skills in this matter.
Still, he needs congratulations on everything he has achieved and he is a really great fighter