Jorge Masvidal reveals when the friendship between him and Colby Covington ended

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Jorge Masvidal reveals when the friendship between him and Colby Covington ended

Two and a half weeks separate us from one of the most anticipated matches the UFC can currently offer. Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will lead the UFC 272 event, and it is a match between two rivals, whose rivalry has reached a stage of serious hostility.

Adding to the charm and curiosity is the fact that Covington and Masvidal were once friends, roommates, and teammates in the American Top Team. However, at one point the relationship simply broke down and since then tensions have been steadily rising.

Still, many are wondering what exactly led to the quarrel between them, and Jorge Masvidal for MMA Junkie has revealed why the friendship broke down. "There are many interviews in which he calls me my best friend. I did not accept it, because I saw the signs and the way he treats his family, how he talks about his sister and mother."

"There are three sides to every story: yours, theirs, and the truth. So I immediately noticed that this guy (Colby) was interesting and that I needed to be careful, '' Gamebred began.

Jorge Masvidal on Colby Covington situations

By the way, Covington was once a roommate with Jon Jones, another UFC star.

This was during the student days, and Masvidal claims that there were many controversial situations on that route as well. He touched on Jorge and Colby's relationship with Tyron Woodley, a fighter who was also once Covington's friend.

'' With Jon Jones, he's had countless situations. He would always talk bad about Jones, but also about Woodley. I wasn’t in college with them, but this whole situation with Woodley." "Tyron was giving him about a thousand dollars a week, some crazy figure while that guy (Colby) was still an amateur.

He gave him that money just to train with him for four weeks." "Sponsors, food, and the like were also involved, and Colby would then talk shit about Woodley. If that guy goes around and talks about everyone that way, it’s simply his personality.

He respects absolutely no one, '' Masvidal added, then explained the process of separating from Colby. '' I started to separate from him a little bit, but suddenly, 'Bam!' Before I could completely separate from him, he betrayed my coach."

"He didn’t pay him the pre-arranged money, and since then I know I’ll hurt that guy (Covington) one day. I hope that the referee will slip on the banana peel when he starts to separate me from him and that I will get additional blows that will change his life and facial structure, "said" Gamebred "