Tai Tuivasa: "I won because I was Mark Hunt's punching bag"

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Tai Tuivasa: "I won because I was Mark Hunt's punching bag"

What we can say with certainty about the title fight of the UFC 271 show, which was done by Tai Tuivas and Derrick Lewis, is that it did not disappoint us. These heavyweights have done what they announced, an open fight in which someone will fall.

At the start of the second round it looked like it was going to be Tuivas as Lewis hit him and seriously threatened him, but the Australian recovered, retaliated with his punches and eventually sent Lewis to the floor with his elbow.

He thus became the sixth man to finish Lewis by knockout or technical knockout, and he put himself in a great position and no one will be surprised if he is on the new rankings within the heavyweight Top 5. Many were much more impressed by how he managed to withstand all the damage.

, to answer that this was largely due to another fighter who was on the list of six that Lewis finished. "We waved and hit a little, and we wrestled a little. Real mixed martial arts. I have a couple of swellings on my head, that's for sure."

"But I didn't feel threatened during the fight. Still, he's the king of knockouts, he has heavy hands and he's big guy.I felt those punches, of course I did, but I was still in the game the whole time."

"It was really sweet.People ask me how hard Derrick Lewis hits. And I've been a punching bag for a long time to Mark Hunt. I think he trained me very well for something like this, ”Tuivasa told a news conference after the UFC 271 event.

Tuivasa on Lewis

As he called Lewis the king of knockouts, he was asked if he thought he had taken the title away from him. "He has a reputation, he has been doing it for many years. But it seems to me that he had his time and how this can represent leaving the torch to me."

"But I need to keep doing what I do and stay focused. And then one day I will actually take on ", said modestly Tai, to whom this is the fifth victory in a row, and he achieved everything by knockout. He has a total of seven in his UFC career so far, but let’s not forget he’s only 28 years old.

So far, he has been best known for his way of celebrating victory, but more and more people are recognizing him as a legitimate candidate for the heavyweight division. "I don't mind being known as a top who drinks 'piss' from shoes and the like.

It seems like everyone is focusing on that, but in the end I'm still the one who knocks out the best in the world." "I have a great team behind me that wants only the best for me and that is ultimately the most important thing, ”he confirmed.