Khamzat Chimaev is not impressed with Adesanya: "I will kill him in the first round"

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Khamzat Chimaev is not impressed with Adesanya: "I will kill him in the first round"

By unanimous decision, Israel Adesanya defeated Robert Whittaker at last night’s UFC 271 event. Two judges scored three rounds in favor of the champions, while one judge saw Adesanya as a better fighter through four rounds.

While Izzy wasn’t nearly as convincing as he was in 2019 against Whittaker, it’s hard to say he didn’t deserve to win. UFC President Dana White told a news conference that he believes too Adesanya was better during the three rounds.

Izzy rated his performance at seven out of ten, but somehow the impression is that the release could have been much better. However, in the end he won, and suffered very little, or almost no significant damage. Adesanya can now turn to new challenges, and Jared Cannonier is almost certain, next in line.

Izzy said he was looking forward to "fresh meat" because he had already won the other four top 5 challengers, and some twice (Vettori, Whittaker). The impression is that after Cannonier and possibly Strickland, there are no relevant challengers and Adesanya could soon literally clear the category.

However, many see one unranked fighter as perhaps the biggest threat in the category. Of course, it is about Khamzat Chimaev. Chechen with a Swedish passport is currently 11th-ranked but in the welterweight category. Chimaev also made two appearances in the middleweight category (2-0), but is currently not in the top 15.

Although Khamzat is currently more focused on the welterweight category because he is closer to attacking the belt, it is no secret how he plans to march to the middleweight division.

Israel Adesanya reaction

It seems that Chimaev was not impressed by today's performance of Adesanya, and this is evident from his "tweet"

'' Stylebender is easy money for me. His wrestling is 0. I will kill him in the first round ", wrote Chimaev, adding" emoji "which is definitely one of his favorites. One of the reporters at the press conference after the UFC 271 event, read Izzy that "tweet", but Adesanya had no special reaction.

The champion just said "okay" and turned to other questions. Of course, Chimaev is still a long way from attacking the middleweight belt and Adesanya probably doesn’t pay too much attention to him. However, if Chimaev continues to dominate as before, the time will soon come when fighters from the very top of the middle category will have to focus on him as well. It is the fight between the Chimaev and the Adesanya that would be one of the greatest