Anthony Smith decided to respond to Walker's challenge

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Anthony Smith decided to respond to Walker's challenge

Anthony Smith seems to no longer be able to listen to the various statements made by Johnny Walker who wants to fight Smith. After all, Smith decided to speak out about it “For whatever reason he wants to fight me, that’s like the third or fourth time he calls me out,” Smith said speaking to Sirius XM, as quoted by mmajunkie “I’m just like, ‘Shut up, dude.

I’ll beat the (explicit) out of you.’ “Maybe I’ve lost two in a row, but I lost to two of the baddest (expletive) on the planet, you know what I mean. It’s different, there’s levels to this (expletive).

I’ll fight Johnny Walker if that’s what the UFC calls for, but I’m not going to go out there and call out Johny Walker, that’s for sure”.

Smith says that Walker is a great fighter

However, Smith also showed respect for Walker and says that he does not need such statements and that he is a great fighter who can achieve a lot.

"He’s exciting, he’s powerful, he’s an athlete, he’s got a perfect frame for the weight class – his build is perfect – and he’s exciting,” Smith said. “He’s little strange, but he’s always been respectful in person, and he’s just not that guy."

“I don’t know what it does to me. But again, I don’t turn down fights, so if the UFC calls and offers Johnny Walker, that’s the fight I’d take. I’ll be surprised if the UFC called with Johnny Walker, but I’ll take it.

It’s just not what I’m chasing, for sure. “This is what my thing has always been about Johnny Walker: You can do the jumping (expletive), the spinning (expletive), and the flashy (expletive) that he has in his fights, but what we haven’t seen is Johnny Walker’s ability to be fundamental anywhere.

He’s not throwing straight one-two." " He’s not throwing one-two and rolling under the hook that’s coming his way. He’s not grabbing and snatching singles and passing the guard on the way down.

He seems to lack a lot of those fundamentals, and he makes up a lot of that stuff with his athleticism, power and explosiveness. That (expletive) is going to run out at some point”. Smith believes that no matter how good Walker is, he is above the level and that he will win if a match happens in the future.

“Johnny Walker is that kind of guy I feel like you just grab a hold of him and do what you want,” Smith said. “I’m not saying it be that easy, he’s a tough guy no matter what. He’s in the UFC for a reason, he’s in the top 15 for a reason, but those are the kind of guys that I shine against. You just walk them down, force them to be fundamental, and not give them the room to be crazy”.