Jorge Masvidal claims that Colby is pretending to be a Donald Trump fan

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Jorge Masvidal claims that Colby is pretending to be a Donald Trump fan

Just under a month separates us from one of the currently most anticipated matches within the UFC. Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington cultivate a great rivalry and there is a lot of animosity between them, and on March 5 they will have the opportunity to settle accounts within the Octagon.

Once great friends and roommates, and now great rivals and enemies, they should provide us with a great match, but also an equally interesting overture with a handful of "trash talk" Last week, Masvidal announced the revelation of Colby Covington and released the first episode of the series in which he plans to show the world the true face of Colby Covington As for the disclosure, Masvidal, in a conversation with Jesse Watters from Fox News, continued in that trend.

'' It's so great to get a chance to punch this guy in the face and get paid a lot of money for it. I really don't like that guy (Colby Covington). I can’t wait to expose him to the world. He is a charlatan, '' began Masvidal, who believes he will show that Covington is not nearly as good a fighter as everyone thinks.

Jorge Masvidal on Donald Trump

Nevertheless, Masvidal seeks to extend his unraveling process beyond the cage. Namely, Colby Covington often stands out as a big fan of Donald Trump, the former US president. "Chaos" once had the opportunity to visit the president's office, and often wore insignia to support the then president.

However, Masvidal believes that this is also a simple pretense of acting. '' If you don't believe me, ask him anything. What’s his favorite law that Trump pushed through while he was president, or something.

Ask that idiot anything about politics. You will see that he is just a scam. He has no idea what he's talking about. As for the fight, he is very limited and I will prove it on March 5. ", added" Gamebred " By the way, both fighters enter this match after the defeat.

Masvidal are in a series of two consecutive defeats, and both times they lost to Kamaru Usman. Colby Covington was defeated in the last performance, also by Usman. So, victory is an imperative for both of them, and especially for Masvidal.

It is certain that we will have a great fight between two top fighters who will prepare a fantastic night for us. Everyone has their favorite, but what is important is that they are both top fighters and that it is difficult to judge who could be the winner this time.