Alexander Gustafsson: "Khamzat Chimaev trains five times a day"

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Alexander Gustafsson: "Khamzat Chimaev trains five times a day"

Hymns about Khamzat Chimaev do not stop, at least when people who have trained with him talk about him. Swedish fighter Alexander Gustafsson is a teammate of Khamzat Chimaev and knows his abilities well. Although Gus as a heavyweight / light heavyweight is significantly heavier and bigger than Khamzat, the Swede often points out that the Chechen is one of his most difficult sparring partners.

Enthusiasm for the strength and skills of Khamzat Chimaev, has been present at the Allstars Training Center since the first day Khamzat appeared there. '' Who is this guy? '' Gus and the other members of the hall asked, after having had the opportunity to meet Khamzat for the first time.

In the continuation of the interview for MMA Hour, Gustafsson described in more detail how powerful Khamzat Chimaev really is. '' He's a welterweight, but he hits like a heavyweight. He is as strong as a heavyweight and as fast as a lightweight fighter.

He works harder than I've ever worked. He trains at least five times a day." "When I was at my peak, before matches with Jones and the other guys, I trained three times a day and did 20 rounds in each sparring.

I was in crazy shape. But this guy, he surpasses me, he doesn't get tired, '' revealed Gus, a rather astonishing piece of information about Chimaev.

Khamzat Chimaev and his work

There is no doubt that Khamzat is a great worker, which is evident from his great performances.

By the way, the Chechen with the Swedish passport is still waiting for his next performance, and there are rumors that this could happen on April 9 (the fourth month). Gilbert Burns is currently emerging as the most likely opponent, and it would be by far the toughest test in Khamzat’s career to date.

As for Gustafsson, we will also see him in the Octagon in the near future. Namely, Gusa is waiting for a match against Ben Rothwell in the fifth month, on May 21. It will be Mauler's first appearance since the seventh month of 2020 and the defeat by Werdum.

Although Rothwell is a heavyweight, Gus claims that Chimaev still serves him well as a sparring partner in the run-up to the match. '' I have to keep my hands high. I'm not kidding, he (Chimaev) hits hard. He is fast and very accurate, so it doesn't take too much strength to knock people out."

"He knows what he shoots and hits every time. I’ve paired up with a lot of guys and I’m joking with some of them and we’re having a good time. But this guy (Chimaev), when he comes to spar, then he really came to spar. It doesn't matter if he works with me or someone else. "