Jon Anik: "UFC doesn't need Jake Paul"

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Jon Anik: "UFC doesn't need Jake Paul"

25-year-old Jake Paul, quickly attracted the attention of the world of martial arts. The year 2021 was extremely successful for the young YouTuber, who managed to knock out Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley last year. These are two renowned MMA fighters who should have beaten a guy with far less martial arts experience.

Especially Tyron Woodley as a former UFC champion should have easily dealt with Paul, even though it was a boxing match. However, that didn’t happen, and Jake has strengthened his ratio to five wins and is still undefeated.

As Jake has not yet fought against a professional boxer, that is, MMA fighters were mostly his opponents, as expected, he attracted more attention of the MMA public. So Jake himself got into a verbal war with Dana White, the UFC president.

YouTuber is calling out a complete promotion due to the bad attitude towards fighters and the extremely low fees they pay to their fighters. Paul offered his services to the UFC, that is, he showed interest in holding a match under the auspices of the UFC, if the UFC meets some of the requirements that would benefit fighters, such as increasing the minimum fee from the current $ 12,000 to $ 50,000.

UFC and Jake Paul

Although the UFC has historically known how to sign fighters from the "circus column" (CM Punk), Jake Paul is not yet as interesting as a potential acquisition. UFC commentator Jon Anik also believes that the world's strongest MMA promotion does not plan to sign Jake Paul, and in an interview with DAZN he revealed why he believes that there will be no cooperation.

'' I don't think Jake Paul is interested in that either. He is passionate about boxing. CM Punk on the other hand, had to meet that need. It didn’t go the way he hoped or thought. But he needed it for the peace of his mind, '' Anik began, then continued on Paul.

'' He (Jake) seems like a really good guy in terms of his initiatives and efforts to help the masses. I didn't miss it. I think Dana White also respects him so much that he got into an argument with him. " "But we (UFC) just don’t need him.

We are not just MMA leaders, we lead the entire world of martial arts. I’m a little disappointed because we didn’t send a real boxer like Jorge Masvidal to land Jake Paul, I’m happy with where the UFC is right now. I don't think Jake and the UFC need each other, '' Anik explained.