Sean Strickland won, but was dissatisfied!

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Sean Strickland won, but was dissatisfied!

Sean Strickland played probably the most mature and best fight of his UFC career so far. Through five rounds, he did what it takes to keep Jack Hermansson at bay, thus preventing his European opponent from proving himself where he is best.

He recorded a clear victory with almost no serious damage received and can be satisfied. But he wasn’t, because of the way the fight looked. He did not hesitate to admit this after the fight, in a conversation with Michael Bisping.

"I think his face shows the result, but the fight was not what I planned. I should have made more exchanges with him, but I didn't. I fought like a fool. I let someone take the bonus for victory." "I learned something and it won't happen again, "Sean said at the end of the fight, adding something about the next fight:" You know I'm a company man and I'll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of me.

If he has a belt, it will be great. " He also thanked all the fans. "Thank you people, I really appreciate you. If it weren't for you who support what I'm doing I would be some ordinary piece of shit. Now I'm a piece of shit with money," he concluded his Octagon interview.

Sean Strickland on bonus

He said something more about the reasons for such a fight at the press conference, where he admitted that he allowed a possible premium from him to create someone who calculates and fights too carefully.

It’s actually not bad at all for the purpose of getting results, but Sean isn’t satisfied. "I've had a lot of sleek as*holes around me these days in suits coming to me talking about the title fight and stuff like that.

When you listen to that you start thinking and wondering if you're really ready to be knocked out and left without it all, in the moments when are you smiling at the title fight?" "They talked about bonuses, about how defeat brings only half the honorarium.

I want to fight for the title. If I lose they will say right away that I am nobody and nothing." "They won't even know me anymore when they see me in the hallway. I let those sleek characters throw me the other way.

It won't happen again," he said. All in all, Sean is getting closer to a potential title fight with this fight. Will this be enough or does the winner of the fight between Jared Cannonier and Derek Brunson still have a better chance? Something will also depend on the title fight we are watching next weekend. It’s certainly exciting in the UFC middleweight division.