‘Rumble’ Johnson has a message for Buffer: ‘Stay off the crack'

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‘Rumble’ Johnson has a message for Buffer: ‘Stay off the crack'

The relationship between the UFC and Francis Ngannou is currently one of the top topics in the world of martial arts, and many have so far given their opinion on everything that happens between the world’s biggest MMA promotion and their heavyweight champion.

One of the latest is UFC longtime announcer Bruce Buffer, who believes it would be wise for Ngannou to accept his current situation, work out the contract to the end and then negotiate. He sees something like leaving the UFC as the worst possible solution for the Cameroonian.

‘‘ No offense to other organizations, but you become irrelevant the moment you leave the UFC. From the UFC’s Octagon, you fall for Bellator. Let’s hope you all agree, ”Buffer said directly to Francis, as the latter guest-starred on his It’s time podcast.

Something like that didn’t sit well with one former UFC fighter, and today a Bellator member. It's about Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, who saw the quote on MMA Island's Instagram page and responded immediately.

"Bruce should stay off crack. How can providing food and security for his family be irrelevant? Just so you know, I've been paid a lot more since I went to another organization." "Bruce has his guaranteed money so he can talk.

Fighters need to wait and then actually entertain people to get a chance to make their own money, ”Johnson wrote in comments, resulting in a large number of responses.

Rumble Johnson

Johnson returned to fighting last year, after retiring in 2017.

There was a long negotiation, it was said that he was coming to the UFC heavyweight category, then it became light-heavy again, only to be surprised by the information that he terminated his contract with the UFC and went to fight in Bellator.

He has done one fight at Bellator so far, at the Bellator 258 events, and information from the internet show that he received $ 60,000 for that performance. By comparison, for each of his UFC title fights, he received a fee of half a million dollars, but we can assume that he also received a portion of the sale of the transmission.

Those fights between those two attacks on the title was at about $ 300,000. Of course, we can’t be sure of this information from Bellator, but if he has really earned that much, we can only hope that his sponsorship money is so great that what he is saying makes sense.