Jack "Joker" Hermansson: "Sean Strickland's statements don't help this sport"

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Jack "Joker" Hermansson: "Sean Strickland's statements don't help this sport"

28 fights in his MMA career so far, 13 of them in the Octagon, were done by Jack "Joker" Hermansson. But the 33-year-old Swedish-Norwegian fighter has certainly never met what awaits him this weekend. The fight against Sean Strickland is something special.

Because of Sean's character outside the Octagon, but also the behavior inside him. He is a man who does not stop talking and provoking throughout the fight, but he talks, even more, when he is off the battlefield. His latest interview has already been called by many the most controversial in UFC history.

Among the various controversial, nonsensical, or simply silly statements, he somehow stood out for wanting to kill a man with her bare hands. Sean added that it was something most people dreamed of, but that he was the only one who dared to admit it.

It is for an opinion on this that his opponent was asked in an interview for MMA Fighting. "Our sport has always been controversial because just a few rules actually protect us and make us safe. In Norway where I live MMA is still illegal, which means we can't fight at home.

WWe fight for legalization. When people like he says things like that, it certainly doesn't help our fight. I wish people were a little more careful about these things. But as long as I represent the sport in the real world, I feel good, "Hermansson said, adding: "We have to constantly remind people that most of us aren't like Sean.

I sincerely hope that's just one thing he put into the character he plays. I hope so."

Jack "Joker" Hermansson on Sean Strickland

He expects the fight to be unusual, but also fun. It is positive that he did not feel any problems between the two of them through all of Sean's statements, and he believes that everything will be as he imagined in the Octagon.

There, of course, he is aware that Sean will not give up his provocations, but he is glad that they have not been personal so far. "I can nod my head and laugh because I don't feel any tension or anything like that.

I expect him to act crazy and say some crazy things. But so far he hasn't been bad to me, he's just saying those crazy things. I can't call it trash talk." "Although, I must admit that I was ready for controversial statements through the construction of this fight of ours," he added.

The fight is interesting in itself, but also very important. The winner of the same will gain references for the position of the challenger or at least the opportunity to win it again.