Jake Paul: ‘‘ I would fight Khabib in MMA if they want to make such an offer"

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Jake Paul: ‘‘ I would fight Khabib in MMA if they want to make such an offer"

American star Jake Paul is increasingly flirting with the idea of ​​switching to MMA. The 25-year-old is currently building a boxing career and has five wins behind him, in as many professional appearances. However, he has fought MMA fighters three times and the impression is that he enjoys more attention in that world than among boxers.

Several times in the last few months, Paul has given statements that one day he plans to try out in the sport as well. Khabib Nurmagomedov told him that the doors of his Eagle FC promotion were open and that he was free to join.

Paul replied that he agreed, if the two of them would fight each other. This, of course, will not happen, as Khabib is retired, but Nurmagomedov said last weekend that Paul had been offered a contract and was awaiting his response.

YouTuber last night as a guest in the MMA Hour, refuted these allegations by the Dagestani. ‘‘ Khabib said they offered me a contract. That's not true. They never offered me anything. Eagle FC never even organized the event.

I don’t want to spread hatred towards what they do, but if I took the risk of switching to MMA, they should offer me more money than I earn in boxing. People have to come up with $ 25 or $ 35 million, just to start talking to me, ”Paul said.

It’s really hard to find an MMA promotion that would be willing to pay that amount at this point, to a guy who has absolutely no MMA experience. However, if Paul gets the desired offer, he is ready to try with the best, including against Khabib.

‘‘ I would fight Khabib in MMA if they want to make such an offer. That would be exciting, especially if I had more time to prepare. It would be a huge match." "They would probably sell a million or two million PPVs, and I just need to work on my wrestling skills.

I could box him in the stand, "Paul said. It’s hard to say whether YouTuber is serious about allegations like this or just trying to create a ‘‘ hype ’’. All of Khabib's opponents knew the "recipe for defeating Khabib."

l However, there is no doubt that this match would attract a lot of public attention, mainly due to the fact that many would be happy to watch Khabib demolish Jake Paul.

Jake Paul's debut

Still, Paul’s MMA debut is unlikely to happen any time soon, as he plans to push his boxing career for some time to come.

Tommy Fury is emerging as the most likely option for the next opponent, but Paul has in mind another fighter who became famous in MMA, but he also has boxing experience behind him. It is about the legendary Anderson Silva who recorded two boxing victories last year.

"Spider" defeated Julius Cesar Chavez Jr. and knocked out Tito Ortiz. ‘‘ Yes, definitely, I want that match. It’s an interesting story that he’s probably the first star I’ve ever seen. Just around the time MMA exploded, my dad was a big fan."

"We went to a local MMA show together, and they probably paid Anderson to come. The show was in Ohio and I don’t know why he would have been there otherwise. I asked him for a signature and we took pictures."

"I was maybe 12 years old, but I think he’s the first star I’ve met. It would be fun to round out the whole story and fight someone who was one of my first idols, ’’ Jake Paul said.