Francis Ngannou's coach reveales a nice gesture by Stipe Miocic's team

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Francis Ngannou's coach reveales a nice gesture by Stipe Miocic's team

It is no secret that there is mutual respect between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou. The two arguably best heavyweights in recent years, they have twice clashed inside the UFC’s cage. Stipe Miocic celebrated in 2018, while Ngannou took over the throne of the category in the third month of last year.

Francis Ngannou often points out that the first defeat by Miočić is also one of the most important fights in his career. He realized that he was not as good as he thought at the time and worked hard to correct the shortcomings.

Three years later, Francis became the UFC heavyweight champion and successfully defended his belt last weekend. Stipe Miocic still hopes for a rematch against Ngannou. The fighter with Croatian roots is not in the mood for a match against any of the challenges and hopes exclusively for the opportunity to attack the belt or possibly, Jon Jones.

Francis Ngannou will have to undergo surgery on his right knee and is awaiting recovery, which, according to doctors, will take about nine months. So, Miočić will almost certainly have to play a match against one of the other fighters within the category.

After the victory over Cyril Gane, Francis Ngannou will wait for the outcome of the situation with his contract, but he will certainly follow what is happening within the heavyweight category.

Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic; Support

Lots of pressures and difficulties found themselves on Francis' path to fight Gane.

However, support was not lacking either. Among those who sent support were members of Miocic's team, ie his coaches. Namely, Eric Nicksick, Francis' head coach, revealed via Twitter that Miočić's coaches contacted him before and after the match against Gane.

"Through an incredible gesture, several of Miocic's coaches contacted me before and after the fight. They wished us luck and congratulated us later. That really meant a lot to us, '' Nicksick wrote. It is well known that Miočić and his coaches have always been a true examples of sportsmanship.

"Trash talk" and similar methods are not their styles, so it is not surprising that such a gesture by members of the Strong Style Gym in Cleveland. And we hope that we will be able to watch the fight of these two top fighters again, and it is certain that Francis Ngannou would have the advantage, but we must not neglect the skills of Stipe Miocic, who has shown many times what a fighter he is. However, we will wait to see if such a fight can take place