Michael Bisping: Jon Jones gets knocked out if he can't take Francis Ngannou down

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Michael Bisping: Jon Jones gets knocked out if he can't take Francis Ngannou down

Pretty vocal last weekend, was Jon Jones via Twitter. A former UFC light heavyweight champion and one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport, commented on the match for the heavyweight champion. Jones was not impressed with the performances of Gane and Ngannou and eventually stated that he would beat them both.

Still, Jones ’heavyweight debut is still pending, and his inactivity has dragged on for nearly two years. Many are wondering what Jones will actually look like against real heavyweights. Those who are not particularly fond of Jon Jones, often like to say that his main advantage was in the size, strength and length of his limbs.

Fighters of similar dimensions created problems for him, and in the heavyweight category, there are many of them. Michael Bisping is one of those who believes Jones could have problems in the heavyweight division. The retired English fighter and former middleweight champion, in an interview with Submission Radio, gave his view of the potential match between Ngannou and Jones.

'' Only after their fight will we get the answers. Of course, it all depends on Jones wrestling. If Jones can't knock him down, he won't be able to beat Ngannou." "I don't care about statements like ‘But he’s a master of tactics’ and the like.

If you’re forced to stay in a stand with Ngannou and you can’t knock him down, then Jon will probably end up knocked out." "Let’s be honest, we all know how hard Francis hits. He looked great on Saturday night.

He was attacking the opponent's body, not just his head. That shows a lot of maturity, '' Bisping explained.

Michael Bisping on Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane grappling

Francis Ngannou in the match against Gane was actually a subordinate fighter in the stand.

However, "Predator" also showed his grappling skills and thus came to victory. However, Bisping believes that Ngannou against Jones would be dominant in the stand, and as far as grappling is concerned, Ngannou should worry about how to prevent takedown, not how to get to them.

'' When it comes to grappling, of course Jones is a better grappler. But Francis is incredibly strong and is constantly advancing in grappling." "I think DC spotted it on Saturday. Francis and Ciryl are similar in height, but when you look at their legs, thighs, buttocks.

It all looks gigantic in Francis." "I know it sounds weird to talk about the size of Francis ’butt, but that’s where the strength comes from. It really is coming. Listen, we can sit here and talk all day.

But until the fight continues, we will not know. " An even bigger question than the outcome of the potential fight between Jones and Ngannou is the fact that we do not know if this match will ever happen.