Michael Chandler dissatisfied with UFC policy

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Michael Chandler dissatisfied with UFC policy

Michael Chandler is an awesome fighter and a big UFC lightweight reinforcement, but not everyone was thrilled with Dana White and company’s decision to set just the former Bellator champion as a backup option for the Khabib Nurmagomedov-Justin Gaethje match.

If one of the main stars of the UFC 254 show cancels a performance at the big martial arts event that awaits us on October 25 in Abu Dhabi, Chandler will be ready. And Charles Oliveira (29-8, 1 NC) could be ready, a great Brazilian behind whom is an impressive series of seven victories during which he pocketed six bonuses for the best performance of the evening.

"I'm in the best possible moment of my life. Man, I have seven wins in a row, and I'm without a chance to fight someone from the TOP 5. And then there's some character from Bellator, who ended up knocked out in the first round (vs.

Patricio Freire , op.a.), signs a contract and becomes the next challenger. How? Nothing is clear to me, "Oliveira complained to MMA Fighting. "Seven wins in a row, without the scoring referees having a job ... So either it's a knockout or a 'submission' ...

Look at all my fights. Everything from the first to the last one against Kevin Lee. Which one wasn't "When did the fans complain about my performances? Never. Whether I won or lost, I always moved forward and did the show."

He thinks that Chandler doesn't deserve current position

The 'Do Bronx' recognizes that Chandler is a quality fighter, but also points out that he skipped the line and found himself in a position he does not currently deserve.

"Is he a solid character? Sure. Well he was Bellator's champion and deserves respect, but where is he in the rankings? Yes, I would definitely fight him, but now I'm interested in someone who is on the ladder ahead of me.

If no one is free , then it could be him, I'll show him he's in the UFC now" "Honestly, I don't know what I should do to fight someone in the TOP 5. Should I use trash talk, throw chairs on a bus, attacking someone.

I don't even know anymore I think I'm going to have to become something I'm not, Charles people don't know. " I'm going to have to push my opponents, curse their families, throw chairs and break things to get noticed that this is what I miss, ”said a frustrated Oliveira who has been waiting for a new match since March when he strangled Kevin Lee in his Brazil.